Avidemux Freeware Video Editor

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Avidemux is a freeware video editor that packs a very nice editing suite at the right price.

Avidemux is a cross-platform video editing app that is a step up from VirtualDub. I find it has more capabilities and easier to use. I also found very good on-line help:




The opening screen shows the various functions which become active after loading a file into the program:


In addition to the editing functions, there is an extensive filter set available:



You can also effects such as logos and animated menus:



The buttons at the lower left frame are explained in the drop-down menu:



Notice also that you can take a video from, let’s say a flip video, and convert it so that you can port it to your iPod:



Overall Avidemux is a very nice upgrade from VirtualDub and its cross-platform portability is a nice plus, especially if you’re using Windows and Ubuntu. The Manual and Tutorial is worth a read and will certainly make things easier the first time. Very nice tool at the right price.


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