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AYHJA is a new CPU stepping for the TBird. Up to now, the TBirds, from the 750s to the AXIAs, have all been 6-4-2 steppings.

Now, it’s 6-4-4:


A quick look at Sandra CPU:


And Sandra memory:


Here’s maybe the most amazing picture of all. This system is using that AMD cooling tweak. The CPU temperature is the one
in the middle, under Sensor 2:


Now if you don’t believe this, I can hardly blame you. Wouldn’t have believed this myself a few days ago. What that tweak
does is essentially throw the CPU into sleep mode. Leave it alone for a minute or two, and your temperatures end up barely above ambient.
Just do some light work, and it rarely gets over 30C. However, start doing some heavy work like Prime95 and pretty soon it
looks like this.


This shot was taken immediately before the CPU said, “No mas.”

Now do you believe the middle one was the CPU temperature? 🙂

This may be a different stepping, may have Palomino power reduction, but it doesn’t look to do any better per Mhz than earlier TBirds in any of the measurements I’ve taken (including Sysmark).

A couple of you have reported crashes after using this. You probably want to check page eight of this document to see if this applies to you.

Again, thanks to Robert Hodge from iComPz.com for the processor.

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