B2 To The Rescue? . . .

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We were supposed to talk more about ASPs today, but I think we’ll hold off on that until Monday because this item is more pressing

(We’ll talk about that comical monopoly profits “study” this weekend.)

In any event, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out what might be the best news for AMD so far this year.

It’s being reported that AMD now has a B2 stepping which makes 3GHz speeds possible for K10s:

Quad at 3.24GHz

Dually at 3.4GHz

Speed/voltages needed for quad

Speed/voltages needed for dually

Yes, I realize that some aren’t too inclined to believe anything that comes from that website after a mishap or two, but there’s a decent level of detail about the chips and the details don’t quite make them look like God’s gift to mankind.

While this needs more confirmation, and the details seem to hint at a bit of chetty-picking, I don’t think these reports should be dismissed out of hand. At the least, I think it’s safe to assume that AMD is at least making decent progress in getting the process down and the chips faster.

For one thing, these certainly are not going to be good overclocking chips; indeed, it could be argued that these are overclocked chips, especially the quads.

I would also suspect that this is not the last stepping we’re going to hear about. While having a 3GHz K10 is a lot better than having a 2.5; it’s probably still not enough to match or beat the best Penryns.

Most importantly, even if 3GHz are a given, that’s necessary but not sufficient. Now AMD needs to make the necessary fab conversions and start making lots of these things at good yields and sell them at high prices Real Soon.



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