Beat Me!

From a nVidia response to a Tweaktown question:

TT – The cooling devices we’ve seen on GeForce FX cards are quite big and complex, why? Are you experiencing heat problems produced by the 0.13 micron process based NV30 core and / or DDR-2 memory – if so, can these be attributed to production delays?

nV – Enthusiasts are accustomed to elaborate cooling systems, and view it as a badge of honor. . . .

I’ve heard of “it’s not a fault, it’s a feature,” but “badge of honor” is definitely breaking new BS PR ground.

“Are you worthy of the noise? Are you worthy of the heat?” This invitation definitely has some masochistic implications.

Just remember one thing as a consumer. The masochist says, “Beat me.” The sadist says, “No.”

Which end of the stick do you want to be on?

P.S. Somebody must have taken this badge stuff to heart, because they gave it to another very worthy candidate. 🙂

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