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First, if you don’t know what Folding is, take a look at this thanks to David Nelson.

Hello! I would like to introduce the Folding Mentor Project to you all. For those of you who have gotten into the Folding@Home project for’s Team 32, the Folding Mentor Project is a chance for you to, in an organized project:

  • Greatly help out the recruitment adgenda for our team
  • Help new users get familiar with folding, know what it is, and answer any questions they have
  • And most importantly, welcome new members of the Overclockers forum and not only “mentor” them for Folding, but just the forum in general!

We need help and new mentors to make this successful, and it hardly requires any of your time – less than 5-10 minutes a week usually. You can spend as much time on it as you wish.

Q:What is the Team 32 Folding Mentor program?

This thread is the center of a long term recruiting objective implemented for the betterment of the F@H cause, along with the advancement of Team 32, OC Forums, and each individual involved.

The echelon of success this objective will achieve is highly contingent upon the resolve with which 32 as a team engages the effort.

There will be no statistical goals, no ultimate levels of achievement; individual success is determined purely by involvement. This is an objective which facilitates as much or as little involvement as each individual chooses, but gives clear targets and organizes the effort.

This recruiting effort only has one specific target: The new OC Forums member. This past April, we had 966 new members register for the forums. Unfortunately, few of them have had direct personal contact with their great fellow OC Forum members. We are joining together to fix that. This is where I will explain how.

Q:Okay, I am getting interested, how can I become a Folding Mentor?

A: If you want to become a mentor, post in HERE and ask to become a mentor. If we need more mentors, your name will be listed in the Mentor Assignment Thread and you will have to create your own tracking post in the Mentor Thread. If you are accepted to become a mentor, you will be contacted by me, @md0Cer via PM here at OCForum about the forum you have to go to for those below listed threads and the login info.

If you like, include a TEAM 32 Mentor sign in your sig. 🙂

Q:Ok, I am a mentor, now what?


  1. You will be given details about the Folding Mentor Project Forum. In there, go to the Mentor thread and create your own tracking post. You can look at the other members to get examples. There you will have your status, which is what I look for when giving new assignments. If I see “more please” in the color RED and you have added your current assignments to your post, I will give you more. If you wish to not receive any more assignments, please say so in your post in GREEN.
  2. Look for your name in the Assignment thread (they should be in alphabetical order). After your name you will see new assignments (members). The easiest way to do this is save a standardized copy of a letter to contact your assignments. You can look in that large thread that was linked to in the quotes for examples.

    Then start a new PM over at OC Forums. Add up to five of your assignments in the “To” field, seperated by ; ‘s. Now paste your message in. It is recomended that you nicely welcome them to the forums, offer to be of any assistance, and inform them about folding and why all of us can benefit from it. Also, try to help them in setting up Folding. I personally recomend the Uber Buzzard or One-Click installers found in The Ultimate FAH Install Guide. You can also IM the users if you wish 🙂

  3. Update your tracking post in the Mentor Thread.
  4. There is no number 4.

  5. Occaisionally check up on assignments, folding or not folding to see what they are doing, or reminding them of the previouse PM if they did not respond.

If you wish to come help us out, post in the thread at OCForums that is linked above. Here is the link again to avoid any confusion.

Just ask to be a mentor, and in a nutshell, tell us your experience in computers, folding, and how long you have been interested in! Don’t worry about not being selected – you have good chances of becoming a mentor if you Fold (If you don’t fold but want to, we should be mentoring you and not you mentoring for us! 🙂 ).

In that thread you can see a list of people working on the project, the announcements, and the FAQ. We hope to see you soon!

@md0Cer, I.M.O.G. Folding Mentor Project Administrators

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