Benching Barcelona . . .

We finally have someone testing a Barcelona.

While this is definitely still a work in progress, I figured you might want to watch the work progressing. 🙂

There’s some SuperPi scores, and while they’re somewhat better clock-for-clock than X2s or Athlon 64s, if you take a look here, you’ll see that any C2D or even Core Duo generation processor easily beats it clock-for-clock.

For example, a T7400 Merom running at 2554MHz was clocked at 21.234 seconds, compared to the Barc’s 32.672 second at 2407MHz. :

True, SuperPi takes little advantage of multicores, so a dually or even a single core processor is competitive against a quad in this test, so this isn’t the best quad test in the world.

True, a Phenom optimized for desktop use will probably do a little better, and the memory timings for the Barc are pretty slow but the performance gap is just too big for it to be closed or even significantly narrowed by that kind of tweak.

No doubt more benchmarks will be run, and the CPU hasn’t been really pushed yet, so this is definitely a developing story, and you ought to take a few peeks to see for yourself what a K10 can do at this stage in the game.


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