Best of the Forums – September

In case you weren’t sure what to expect from the title, “Best of the Forums” is exactly what it sounds like.

Every month I’ll take some of the most noteworthy threads from the forums and post them here for your convenience. I realize that different things appeal to different people, so I’ll do my best to post a broad range of subjects. I personally enjoy “DIY” and “How To” topics, so expect to see plenty of things along those lines. Humor is also welcome – after all, who doesn’t want something to laugh at?


For this feature to maintain a quality selection of threads, I’m going to need some help from you and the rest of the forum users. Whenever you find a thread you feel is worth some extra attention, please give a link through my email or send me a private message – username “Zagi”. It truly only takes a second and I’ll be very grateful. So grateful in fact, that I might even buy you a cookie (probably not, but send me some links anyway to make sure). Check out these threads:




“OCForums needs content editors!”


“Case Modding Showdown 2009 Official Thread”


“Article Writers Needed”



Video Related


“Post 5850/5870 Reviews!!“

No need for rumors anymore. These are facts…


“HD 5870 CF – X58 vs P55”

A thread by Brolloks which is all but certain to be awesome…


“Intel Demos Larrabee”


“AA/AF and why you should not care”

Ripe for debate…



DIY and Build Threads


“Copper Filled”

An impressive DIY waterblock by Cadman420


“Project: ITX switch PC”

Older post, but defiantly worth checking out


“How to dye water cooling tubing”

Can’t find the right color Tygon tubing to match your build? A solution from IKIKUINTHENUTZ.


DIY diamond thermal paste”

I realize this isn’t from September but I feel it’s worth digging back up at least once…


“Codename:69 – Case Mod”

A well documented Build Log. This thread is FAR above average quality…



CPU Forum


“Intel declares War on Everyone”

Intel’s roadmap…



Microsoft OS

“Win7 tips and Tweaks”

Another aging thread, but worth reading if you haven’t yet done so.



Hope you guys enjoy looking through these threads. Please send your suggestions on what you liked and what you would like to see changed. See you on the forums!


Collin Kasparek (Zagi)

[email protected]



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