Better Than A Dump

If you have broken equipment, and you’re hanging on to it because you don’t want to be a toxic waste dumper, the following ought to interest you.

Throughout the summer, Office Depot will accept such equipment for recycling at no cost to you. See details here.

The one grating detail about this is the official policy that Office Depot will accept only one item per day. You might want to call the Office Depot near you to see if the person responsible for handling this might bend the rules a bit if you have a bunch to unload.

Computer components tend to be nasty things, made out of chemicals that just aren’t good for you or anything else living) as they decay and leech out their toxic brew.

Talk is cheap. If you say, “it’s just too much hassle to go out of my way to get rid of these things,” well, that’s what your average corporate toxic waste dumper says, too.

If you say, “My dumping won’t hurt anything,” well, when millions of people say the same thing, the total is just as bad as any you’ll read about in the paper.

So take advantage of offers like this. I plan to.


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