Blue Durons

The following Emails from users are all we know right now on the Blue Durons. It does not look like they overclock any better than greens – we have many Duron 700s hitting 1 GHz+. The only difference in codes I can find is that either “A” or “B” follows the week #; I have two greens that show “E”. Unless we see Blue Durons hitting consistent 1100 – 1200 MHz, I don’t think color means too much.

“Perhaps it’s old news, but I’ve never seen a single line talking about blue Durons on your site. And an “old” article (17/08) was saying that all the Durons are green. A friend of mine has bought one last Saturday. Since I’ve told him that he would only find green ones, he was surprised (and me too). The numbers:


L1 bridges are intact. Now he’s waiting for the KT7 he ordered at the same time. My question : are these chips really “copper-made”?

Regards, Pierre Darbon”

“Just read your site again about copper Durons. If you say the coding is true, my 600 had blue sealant and had the code of this on the chip:


Also something strange my core has no green or blue shine to it!!!!!!
Just the blue sealant around the core!

Later, Chad”

“I have one, I bought it at the computer show in san Francisco, Ca, and running it at 1009 MHz.



J. Castaneda

“I am a 15 year old overclocker from Sydney, my rig is a K6-300 @366 @2.7v. I have bought a Duron 700 and not sure what color it is.

It appears to be a purple (it deepens the way you look at it, sometimes silver, or metallic blue); hope to get something decent out of it with a watercooler in production (doesn’t matter how long it takes, waiting for a DDR mobo and the $’s anyway). Got it for AU225$ which is about US$128. It is sweet to know that this one looks promising with the L1 intact (and I have one). Anyway the s/n is:



“I have a blue Duron (week 28) imported from Australia to New Zealand, and my friend has one also, bought in New Zealand a week ago. We have both been able to overclock our chips; I make 992 MHz stable, 1013 with cold water cooling (about 6C/42.8F) and he made 1001 MHz unstable, but is running stable at 980 MHz. We are using Golden Orbs.

Nigel Hulse”

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