Bobnova and TsunamiJuan Benching Live Today!

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Benching team members and modding gurus Bobnova and TsunamiJuan are teaming up to bring us some live benching action with an insane amount of hardware today. They’re planning on dual benching stations complete with dual livestreams.

Bobnova is planning on benching as many video cards as he can freeze using Sandy Bridge CPUs and boards.


  • 4850 (no CB/CBB)
  • 4890 Reference TOP
  • 7600GT
  • 8600 (16sp)
  • 8800gts320
  • 8800gtx

CPU(s) / Motherboards

  • Couple-few 2600ks, unmodded
  • Gigabyte P67a-UD4 for me, maybe my Z68X-UD3 as well. Neither modded.

TsunamiJuan is going to be freezing AMD’s Llano A8-3850 to see how that performs cold, complete with three motherboards to go with it. He also has a few GPUs and some Sandy Bridge equipment to throw into the mix.


  • AMD Llano 3850 APU
  • Asus, Gigabyte, and Biostar – socket Fm1, AMD A75(hudson D3 chipset) Motherboards
  • 1x AMD 64 3200+ and mobo(volt modded by Bobnova himself)
  • 2x I7 2600k (one clocks to 5899mhz, the other who knows )
  • 1x Asus P8p67 mobo


  • 1x Gigabyte 6970
  • 1x Asus 460 GTX
  • 1x BFG 280GTX

Between the two of them, they have a bunch of cooling equipment and power supplies.


  • TJ’s Phase Change Thing.
  • Koolance V2, x2.
  • KingPinCooling Tek9Fat GPU pot.
  • BobnovaBuilt ObscureGPUPot rev1.
  • Air coolers and stuff.
  • BobnovaBuilt High Amp PWM Controller.

Power Supplies

  • 1050 Enermax Revolution 85+
  • 900watt Antec 4 Rail psu
  • 460watt Antec Earthwatts (for the small stuff)
  • 550watt Antec 20pin psu for AMD 64, 3200+

Now run, don’t walk, to see them both live! Bobnova’s stream will be broadcasting at the Overclockers Live channel and TsunamiJuan’s stream will be broadcasting at the Overclockers Joe channel.

They have 30L of liquid nitrogen and 18lbs of dry ice, so they expect to be benching pretty much all day. Stop by to see a bunch of fun sub-zero action and root on these two great benchers. Hope to see you there!

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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I'm an editor and writer here at as well as a moderator at our beloved forums. I've been around the overclocking community for several years and just love to sink my teeth into any hardware I can get my paws on!

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Senior Member

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Despite a disastrous start, things ended up going well! My favorite part:

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2,100 messages 0 likes

What a long and annoyingly under productive day. With some severe Disappointment.

RIP 5.9ghz 2600k

Thank you every one that stopped by, sorry for all the downtime

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Benching Team Leader

16,949 messages 134 likes

RIP 2600k, you will be missed.

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Water Cooled Moderator

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Excellent job on 6GHz Bobnova!

Sorry to hear about the 2600k TJ...hope your other one is close to as good.

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