Bon Jovi: Carrot Rather Than Stick . . .

A while back, we asked you about Bon Jovi providing some extras to those fans who entered a valid CD-number on their website.

The responses were middling.

While no one really thought it a bad idea, and most thought it a good first step, few thought it was an cure-all.

Some felt that it would have limited impact because only big fans would really want the extras, and those people would be pretty likely to buy the CD anyway.

More thought it a useless gesture because any transmittable extras would be transmitted all of the place within a short period of time.

A few flat out planned on that happening. As one put it, “I must say, I would not change my behavior, and If I really wanted to see the special section of the website, I feel confident that I could somehow come up with the right 13 digit number :)”

I’d point out that in this case, unless the webmaster was a fool, using a publicly available CD number would likely not work twice, but I would not bet on no one capturing and distributing the contents.

And herein lies the problem. It only takes one. I don’t care who constitutes the population: millionaires, Microsoft employees, nuns, you’d be crazy to count on every single one of them not making a copy.

And no one will ever declare moral equivalence between the typical P2Per and the typical nun.

So while this carrot might work for a few, the carrot will get stolen soon enough.

P.S. Someone mentioned in passing that a sizable proportion of the MP3s he downloaded had ads/popups (often porn-related) attached to them. Could someone please tell this ignorant one what this is all about? Is this done deliberately, and if so, why? Thanks!


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