Breaking The Envelope: P60 @ 933 MHz

I love overclocking but don’t have much bread and sometimes I
have to make do with stuff around the house. I have been the proud
owner of an Original Pentium 60 that has been down the OC road.

The first time I moved that jumper and got 66 MHz, I knew my fate was
sealed – I just can’t stop! Since 1995, the ole rig has seen many upgrades and I thought you might like to see the latest incarnation.

This is my Direct Water Cooled, Fan Enhanced, Turbo Forced Electron version.


This machine is unique, as it didn’t come with a cooling fan, so I first
pressed into service my 500mm window unit for computer duty. Knowing that the increased speed would need more volts on the system and processor, I was able to rig my 225 amp Lincoln Arc Welder rig into the power supply to supply all those extra electrons the silicon layer was going to require.

This got me up to 600 MHz!

Finally, from reading your web site on a regular basis, I noted
some of the water cooling ideas startin’ to trickle in. This connected in the ole gray matter and I realized that the direct approach would maybe get me some more MHz’s.

Water Cooling

The hosepipe at 5 gpm directed on the heatsink did the trick. I run a solid 68 deg F straight from the well. Forget the 24 hrs
of UT – Don’t need it. Now, if I could just fix that division error………..

This project has been such a trip that my next try will be a 386sx 20 – figure I can get it to 2 GHz.

Bill Snodgrass

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