Bytes For Babes

Yesterday, I spoke about aliens showing up to offer us computers for a lot of money.

Let’s change the particulars a little bit.

The aliens show up. They explain that most of their men and all their women got wiped out in an interstellar war (some nasty biogenetic stuff). They’ve wiped out the enemy, but now they have no women.

After a little . . . uhh . . . research over the past couple decades, they’ve found that Earth humans are genetically compatible enough (with a little tinkering) to bear their children and save their species.

They have successfully mated with human females and had healthy offspring. They have attempted and failed repeatedly to do the same in an artificial environment.

Besides, they’re lonely.

This is the deal: for every human female volunteer, Earth gets a thousand of these whiz-bang computers.

A few details:

The aliens look just like us, except they’re very good-looking. They’re also very rich by human standards.

They bring along a few women they managed to pick up during their research, and they say these aliens are absolute Prince Charmings who treat them like princesses (the society is strictly monogamous, BTW). They also say that the alien histories show that this treatment is nothing new.

The “pioneers” said they agreed to go, and were always free to leave, but didn’t want to. While on Earth, they visit relatives and friends, but show no desire to “defect” back to Earth.

The aliens say that if any volunteer doesn’t like it, she is free to go back (and all can return to Earth for periodic visits; other Earthlings are welcome to be tourists, though interstellar trips are pretty expensive). For those who return without fulfilling the contract (see below), they’ll just subtract a thousand computers from the next new computer shipment.

To qualify, a female need only be fertile, be reasonably attractive, and be willing to have at least three babies to fulfill her end of the deal (again, if things don’t work out, the technology transfer gets adjusted).

No need for a volunteer to do anything outside of making those babies, though the sky is the limit for opportunities in an extremely advanced society trying to thrive again.

There are about thirty million male aliens around. Being monogamous, they would like thirty million volunteers. Earth gets computers first. Later on, they’ll provide other extremely valuable technologies that will essentially push Earth several centuries ahead. Finally, they’ll provide the know-how for Earth to make these things themselves.

All of this for free, to the degree women volunteer. They’re not going to make a habit of this; after a generation of hybrid baby-making, they’ll be fine.

These details have been broadcast in the media, and the immediate reaction is a rush of female volunteers. Even more, single and married, express rather pointed interest in the matter.

While the aliens are pleasant, they do make the point that this is a matter of their species surviving, and leave the impression that they won’t take a blanket “No” for an answer.

How would you feel about this? Would you be for or against this? What, if anything, would you do about the situation? Would this change how you feel about yourself? Do you think your own behavior would change as a result? How would you feel if your sister, your friend, your girlfriend or your wife said she was going to go?

For those of you on the side that would be volunteering (and I really would like to get as many female responses to this as possible), how would you feel about it? Would you want to go? Do you think your female associates would? What do you think the response among men you know would be?

I plan to combine what I get from the earlier scenario with this one.


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