Case Ace Gear Grip Pro

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A convenient way to carry your system – Brian Berryman

SUMMARY: A convenient way to carry your system



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The good folks at Newegg were kind enough to send us a
Case Ace Gear Grip Pro
mid-tower computer carrying harness to take a look at.

I was invited to a local LAN Party recently, but unfortunately due to prior commitments, couldn’t attend. It did however, put the thought in my head to look at this item here.

I was able to attend this fellow’s gathering last year (and had an awesome time too…thanks again Doug! =) ), and lugging my stuff from “Point A to “B” would have been so much easier with
one of these harnesses.



Here’s a close up of the text on the package


It mentions in the text here that there’s two sizes, Standard (the one shown here), and Large. However, searching at Newegg for the URL to this item also found a Micro size is now available, as well.
The design of the Micro version is somewhat different, but has similar features.

The size of the PC’s these will fit are as follows:

  • Micro = up to 40″ (101cm) in circumference.
  • Standard = up to 52″ (132cm) in circumference.
  • Large = up to 70″ (178cm) in circumference.

To figure out the circumference of your system, simply measure how tall it is, add to that how wide it is, and multiply that number by two.

The system used in this article measures 16 inches tall (40cm), by 8 inches wide (20cm). 16+8×2= 48 inches (40+20×2= 120cm). The Standard size is perfect for this case.



Tucked into one of the pockets is a brief instruction sheet, and shoulder strap




The “Soft Grip” handle actually is, and is big enough for those with big mitts like me. Strong, too.




That’s a U.S. quarter dollar for size reference. The webbing is two inches wide, and the buckles very sturdy.


It states on the package this product is rated for up to 70 pounds (31.75 kg). After looking at the materials used, and the stitching holding it together, I’d believe it.
This item is very well made.

It’s also very easy to use. Lay it out flat on the floor, and set your PC onto it;


Then, bring the handle end over the top, and get it so it’s centered;


Finally, secure the buckles and adjust to fit.

The shoulder strap attaches to the two loops on the top, one visible behind my left hand, the other at the right edge of the picture. This strap is adjustable, and measures up to
58 inches long (147cm) at it’s longest reach.



Pull the loose end down to snug it up tight.


The two pockets on the front side are for your keyboard, mouse, and other small items you need. There’s also two velcro loops (one on each side), for cables,
a headset, or whatever you might need that can hang from a loop.

Mentioned in the instructions, is that you can leave the Gear Grip Pro attached to your PC, and your keyboard and mouse plugged in to save some setup/teardown time.
I’ve pictured it this way. Good idea, I suppose, unless you’ve got a window, lights, etc…and you want to show your case off. Getting the Gear Grip Pro on and off (and plugging in
the KB and mouse) only takes a few seconds though.






Just add monitor… =)


Let’s see..I’ve got the ‘puter (check), keyboard (check), mouse (check), power cable
(check), network cable (check), headset (check), mousepad (check),
copies of Unreal Tournament 2004 and HALO (check)…..the monitors’ already in the car…looks like I’m ready to go. =)

This is a really sharp item. This makes it very easy to transport your PC anywhere, with the bulk of the items you’d need to get it running at your destination attached. I sure
could have used this item last year when I was taking those A+ classes.

As I mentioned earlier, the materials and construction of this item are very strong and sturdy. And with three sizes to choose from, there’s got to be one that fits the system
you have (unless you’re the one bringing a gigantic server case to the party…=P ).

Let’s see…Doug mentioned the next LAN is in August….my birthday is in September. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to get myself an early B-Day present. =D

I’d like to thank Newegg for sending this along for us to look at today.


Email Brian


Gaming, between the LAN Parties…


If UT2003/4, BF1942 or HALO is something you play a lot of, don’t forget to check out’s sister site at

This site was founded by members of the Overclockers Forums, to make a permanent home for teams playing these games, and a community in which to discuss them. They’re a great bunch of guys there too.
Tell ’em Mr B sent ya. 😉

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A convenient way to carry your system - Brian Berryman

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