Case Modding Showdown II - 2010

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Case Modding Showdown II – 2010

We are proudly sponsored by Lamptron and Frozen-Q PC Mods

The Case Modding Showdown is back, better and improved!!

What is New?

  • New Scoring System: It means more points, and voting will be obsolete after this Showdown.
  • More Bonus Points: More bonus points than the previous Showdown; read the “Rules & General Information” link below to find out how to get them.
  • Hidden Bonus Points: These points will be hidden in the community and you will have to find them to get them. You will have to level up to get the hint for the hidden points. There are 5 levels in total, so now you have the chance to get even more points in the competition.

We reduced the 11 Categories from last year to 8 Categories and added an additional Category for Modding Forums (Forum vs Forum) where your forum will be able to battle for Modding Supremacy on the Cyberworld.

Registration: May 21, 2010 – August 31, 2010



My First Case Mod / Build
This category is for anyone who has never done a case mod or build and this is the first one in his/her life.
Note: If your first project was sponsored, it only qualifies for the Sponsored Category. (No Hardware Required)

Case Mod
This category is for those who already have more than one project under his/her wings already.
Note: Your first project doesn’t qualify for this category, Case Mods are going to be judged according to the modification made to the case itself, only. (No Hardware Required)

Built from Scratch
This category is only for those who like to build things from scratch. No Case Mods should be posted in this category.
Note: If your project was sponsored, it only qualifies for the Sponsored Category. If this is your first ever BFS, then you should enter “My First Case Mod / Build” Category. (No Hardware Required)

Sponsored Case Mod / Build
This category is for those who have managed to get some goodies from companies to be displayed on their project. Only Case Mods and Scratch builds.
Note: You should mention your sponsor and post links to your sponsor’s website or info only (no picture of your sponsor will be allowed). (Only Sponsored Hardware is required)

Modding Masters
This category is exclusive to Modding Masters or PRO, if you feel like you want to compete in this category, enter at your own risk. Pro Modder will be invited to participate in this category.
Note: Case Mods, Built from Scratch, and Sponsored Projects are allowed in this category. (No Hardware Required)

Best Gaming Rig
Only Gaming Rigs with a minimum of 10% modding requirement.
Note: Hardware, FPS screen shots, Configuration and Specs are required.

Best Watercooled Rig
This Category is for those who abandon the Air Cooling Path and went to the Water cooling Side.
Note: Hardware, Temp Screen shots, configuration and Specs are required.

Best PC Hardware Mod
This Category is for those who like to MOD PC peripherals.
Note: Any computer hardware is allowed to enter this Category.



  • Unique Design: 10 Pts (Let your imagination run wild and create something unique)
  • Craftsmanship: 10 Pts (Let your soul merge with your hands and create a masterpiece)
  • Creativity: 10 Pts (Use your ingeniousness to create something amazing, surprise us!)
  • Difficulty: 10 Pts (How difficult to mod or build a case, we know how so do your best)
  • Me, Myself and My Project: 20 Pts (You will get 20 pts for the final picture, you and your project together)
  • Movie Star: 10 Pts (You will receive 10 pts for 10 videos of your project progress, each video represents 1 point)

Bonus Points

  • Best Outdoor Picture: 5 Pts (You must post 3 Outdoors Pictures when you complete your project)
  • Rampage Mode: 1 Point for each forum you post your worklog (You can post your Project’s Worklog in any forum you want, this is unlimited you can post your log in every forum on internet and you will get 1 pt for each one, project must be completed on every forum)
  • Brotherhood: 10 Pts (When you post your project on any forum of the Forums Brotherhood
  • Brotherhood+: 5 Pts (When you post your project on “Worklogs of the World!” at
  • Goodwill Ambassador: 1 Point for every Modder you invite. (Get 1 extra point for every modder you invite to the Case Modding Showdown 2010)
  • Running for President: 1 Point for each person in a Group Picture (You will get 1 pt for each person on a group picture, limited to 50 people and 5 pictures (you can divide the groups in pictures) you don’t count in the group picture)

Extra Points

Every participant will have 10 Extra Points, you can use it only in the Final Round. You can not use your Extra Points for yourself, you have to give these 10 Extra Points to a fellow modder. You will be able to award your 10 Extra Points in the Final Round only.


Only active NMC members (with a minimum of 35 posts) in the community will be able to vote for the favorite projects.  Popular vote will not be available for this one.

Hidden Bonus Points Levels

  • Level 1 = You will get 50 Points (Available when you make 5 valid posts in your worklog)
  • Level 2 = You will get 100 Points (Available when you make 25 valid posts in your worklog)
  • Level 3 = You will get 150 Points (Available when you make your first valid post in your worklog @ – Need to complete Lvl 1 & 2)
  • Level 4 = You will get 200 Points (Available when you make a valid post on any of the Forum Brotherhood’s forums, Need to complete Lvl 1, 2 & 3)
  • Level 5 = You will get 250 Points (Available when you complete your Project, Need to complete Lvl 1, 2, 3 & 4)

For a Total of 750 Points

CMSII-2010 Help and General Info

The thread linked above will be updated periodically, so remember to Bookmark & check it out from time to time.
Registration will run from May 21, 2010 until August 31, 2010
Remember that entries per Category are limited to 10, and 6 in the Forum vs Forum Category. As soon as we accept all the entries in one category, that category will be closed.


Here is an up to date list on how many spots are left, check the link above for updates.

  • My First Case Mod / Build: 5
  • Case Mod: 4
  • Built from Scratch: 4
  • Sponsored Case Mod / Buid: 7
  • Modding Masters: 2
  • Best Gaming Rig: 8
  • Best Watercooled Rig: 10
  • Best PC Hardware Mod: 10

Forum vs Forum: 5

So don’t delay, go to Registration and reserve your spot NOW!

Invitation By – Jolly-Swagman – New Mod City Staff

Hope to see some of you ENTER this year too, last year’s CMS09 was great and a fun time by the members that entered!

Happy Modding Guys!!!

About Jolly-Swagman 5 Articles
I,m a Semi-Retired Computer Tech, Member of Folding Member/Mentor for [email protected] Team 32, Case Modder/Builder, Other Passions include Artist - Painting, Drawing, using various mediums (Water colour, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Coloured pencils, and Charcoal) Also Photography, is another of my passions


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  1. Content or Body of your Project (Must have detailed info and Pictures of the progress of your Project - 20 Pictures Minimum) - Multiple Post

    a) 3 before Pictures (Minimum)
    b) 20 Pictures of the Progress of your Project (Minimum)
    c) 3 after Pictures (Minimum)
    d) 3 Outdoor Pictures (Minimum)
    e) Pictures of you and your Project Together (First and Last Post)
    f) At least 1 Group Picture
    You don't need to describe every single picture if you take good quality (step by step) pictures.
    - 640x480p Min or 800x600p Max
    - If you use the Max setting you must use the code "" instead of the regular one.
    - Don't post thumbnail pictures.
    - Watermark is allowed.
    - We recommend, or for your image hosting.
    - Links to companies, forums and/or any website that is not allowed by the rules.
    - Pictures that include nudity, racist, religious and/or political content.