Catch Me If You Can

First nVidia released some drivers that offered stupendous performance increases in 3DMark2003, and nothing else elsewhere. Eventually, they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

So what do they do? It looks like nVidia’s answer gives the appearance of “Let’s do it again, and try to catch me this time!” Well, at least the results are the same: big boosts in 3DMark2003, little to no improvement elsewhere.

Just what is nVidia trying to do?????

I see three likely possibilities:

  1. They are denser than a black hole.
  2. They think you’re denser than a black hole.
  3. Payback is a mother, Futuremark.

This time around, I think all three are right.

1) There’s only two possible reasons a benchmark score for a particular benchmark module would double due to a change in drivers. Either they came up with a new way of cheating, or they were woefully bad writing the “before” drivers. Neither possibility says much for nVidia.

So even if they’re telling the truth, it’s not saying much for them, and at the least, it is blind to come up with similiar results after getting caught and not explain in detail why it’s legit this time around.

2) How could nVidia think a lot of you are denser than black holes? In a word, nVidiots.

3) Let’s face it, it doesn’t say much for a benchmark when a company repeatedly bends it like a pretzel.

Time and no doubt a lot of effort (and no doubt most of the effort coming from ATI) will go into figuring out what nVidia did to get such a boost. It might be legit; it might not.

In the meantime, you ought to wonder just what the maturity level is of the decision-makers at nVidia. To say the least, this at least gives the appearance of being pretty childish.

Under the circumstances, if this truly is a programming feat rather than a cheat, they ought to explain just how they managed it. That would help to restore nVidia’s rather bruised credibility.

Then again, it’s hard to consider advanced mental concepts like credibility when you’re having a temper tantrum.


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