Overclockers.com Product Rating System

A vast number of different types of ratings are used across review sites, ranging from simple stars and points rankings (n out of 3, 5, 10 …) to percentages, broken down into 10, 5 or even 1% graduations. Other sites take this a step further and have an overall rating derived from a number of sub-categories on which the product is judged. This article takes a look at the different systems, and sets out exactly how we think about reviews and ratings at Overclockers.com. Read More

Modding Intro I: eVGA Classified SR-2 Case

Today we are featuring a recently completed project by Spotswood: a custom wood case created to house eVGA’s high-end, dual-socket motherboard, the SR-2. Not only does it house the huge SR-2 motherboard, but it will also have a complete custom water cooling system contained within. This is truly one of the most beautiful cases I have ever seen, and it is my pleasure to present this masterpiece to the public. Read More

A New Year

We thank some important people for making 2010 a great year for Overclockers.com Read More

Heatsink Improv: A Small Tribute to Overclockers of Old

Ever need a heatsink to cool that power hungry beast of yours? Is the stock cooling horrible and your GPU is without any good after market solutions? If so, then improvise. Jury rig that incompatible GPU cooler, find an unused CPU cooler you have tucked away, or even go all out and buy a CPU cooler for your GPU if there are no GPU specific solutions. No, I haven’t lost my mind. This is just what runs through the mind of a bencher who is trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of his GPU, but has no budget for extreme cooling. Read More

Folding@Home, from a Bencher’s Perspective

Benching and FAH both require (or at least appreciate) high end hardware, both require stability, and both require fine tuning to get the most out of your hardware. But what are the programs doing, and what does “stability” really mean, anyway? Read More

AMD Radeon 6000 Series, Llano, Set to Debut

O ATI, ATI, wherefore art thou ATI?

A cheap Shakespearean knock-off reference doesn’t really do justice to the way AMD has positioned itself currently with the pending Radeon 6000 series release along with its line of “Llano” APUs… But then, I’m not really much of a writer, and this ain’t no renaissance. AMD has closed the book on its successful history with ATI branding by recently folding ATI into the AMD name as one in the same. In doing so, the dramatic timing and importance of this shift is AMD making a statement that should not go discounted. They are saying… AMD is bold. AMD is confident. AMD is ready to ring in a new era changing the landscape upon which the game is played. Read More

A Visual History Chart Of Graphics Cards

Graphics Cards History Chart

When I was little I had a fast 3D card… Or I didn’t? Wait wait wait… when I bought my first VooDoo, just when it appeared on the market, it was 1995… or 1996… or was it even 1997? Well, enough googling for dates and other info, all you need to do is look at the Chart! Read More

AMD and Intel Buyer's Guide (10/2010)

One of the more common topics started by forum members who recently signed up or those wanting to upgrade are, “build me a new PC for $XXX.xx”. Usually there is a significant response in this type of thread because it is a good feeling to help someone stretch their dollars and its also fun to play with other people’s money for “dream rigs” in the larger budget requests. While everyone’s part lists will likely be different, the members here have put together a solid group of AMD and Intel builds that are a jack of all trades type system for almost any budget. Read More

Corsair Hydro Series H50: Is It High-End Air?

I have seen it talked about on the forums that the Corsair Hydro Series H50 low cost water cooling system is equal or better than high end air, with some heated discussions taking place at time from people arguing for or against that statement. So, since Corsair was kind enough to send us an H50 system for testing, I decided to see if the H50 can equal some of the best air cooling solutions on the market. Read More

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