Power and Your PC

A modem, simply put, MOdulates and DEModulates your signal between your computer over the telephone system and to your ISP. Learn how modems work and the different types. Read More

Bridges, routers, hubs and switches

Today’s networks consisting of more than a couple computers often find themselves in need of quicker and easier data transmission and solutions equipped to handle more complex network traffic. This article takes a look at how bridges, routers, hubs and switches make networks run. Read More

Hard drives explained

In this article, we’ll take a fairly basic look at hard drives, what they are and how they work, and look back into the past to what hard drives were. Read More

Forum Thoughts

I spoke the other day about review sites having a “love ’em and leave ’em” approach to equipment and why I didn’t think this was too good an approach anymore. As part of that, I noted that the current reality is that websites review, users support each other in forums.… Read More

Hard OCP RatPad

As with any new product there are going to be flaws, and the RatPad really does not possess any real problems. One of the first things that I noticed was right after I whipped it out (the RatPad), and placed it flatly upon my desk. After some close examination of… Read More