Buyer's Guide: 6 Killer Systems to Build Right Now

With the holiday season underway, our experts share parts lists for six pc builds for any budget. Whether AMD or Intel, our buyers guide has you covered. The goal of 2018 holiday buyer’s guide is to present a state of the union as to what a user should choose for processors, RAM capacity and speeds, motherboards, video cards, and power supplies. Read More

Turn a High-Speed Gentle Typhoon Into a PWM Fan, Version 2.0


Highspeed Gentle Typhoons are wonderful beasties. They run at 300, 4250 and 5400 rpm but sound surprisingly quiet for those speeds. They draw their power from the PSU so they don’t burn out your motherboard. They even report their RPM with a dedicated line. All they lack is PWM. With PWM control our motherboards could tell these fans when to really crank, and when to be quiet. But take heart! Hiding in highspeed Gentle Typhoons are the reins to controlling these fans. I just bought a new highspeed Gentle Typhoon. Inside half an hour I can turn this wild critter into a docile PWM fan. Follow along with me and learn for yourself. Read More

How to Turn a High-Speed Gentle Typhoon Into a PWM Fan

Gentle Typhoon AP-30 modded for an NH-D14

What if you want to control the speed of your high-speed Gentle Typhoon fan? Maybe you’re tired of it going full-blast all the time. It is quite noisy after all… What to do? You could buy an expensive fan controller, but there is a better way. Actually, there are a couple of better ways, and they involve a hidden capability of your high-speed Gentle Typhoon’s PCB. Read More

Keep ‘Em Spinning: How To Lubricate PC Fans

Materials for lubricating a fan

Sleeve bearings fans have a well-deserved reputation of wearing out quickly. But they’re inexpensive, and not necessarily cheaply made. They can perform very well indeed. We want to use them on our heatsinks, but we worry that they will fail and leave our CPU’s overheating. Wouldn’t you like to be able to use a sleeve bearing fan and not have to worry? Read More

DIY Fan Controller for PWM Fans

This neat fan controller project requires only a little time, expense, and commitment, and the circuit is relatively easy to build and very satisfying to use! Read More

Thermalright Socket AM2/AM2+ Bolt-Thru-Kit

The “Thermalright Socket AM2/AM2+ Bolt-Thru-Kit” as its named is also compatible with AM3 mountings and Cogage heatsinks. In this article, I unbox the accessory pack in order to mount a Cogage True Spirit Socket 1366 heatsink. Read More

Heatsink Improv: A Small Tribute to Overclockers of Old

Ever need a heatsink to cool that power hungry beast of yours? Is the stock cooling horrible and your GPU is without any good after market solutions? If so, then improvise. Jury rig that incompatible GPU cooler, find an unused CPU cooler you have tucked away, or even go all out and buy a CPU cooler for your GPU if there are no GPU specific solutions. No, I haven’t lost my mind. This is just what runs through the mind of a bencher who is trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of his GPU, but has no budget for extreme cooling. Read More

"Extreme" Video Card Cooling on an "Extreme" Budget

In the never ending quest for a few more MHz of power that any self respecting overclocker is constantly seeking, this question always comes up. How can I get this piece of hardware colder? As we all know, heat is normally the enemy of speed in our little world, and overclockers have dreamed up brilliant and sophisticated ways to keep their hardware colder. This is not one of them. Read More

How to Add LEDs to Your Fans

People regularly come through the cooling section of the forums asking for fans that match a certain color scheme and they’re willing to sacrifice performance to meet that color scheme. This article details a rather simple mod you can do to run those high performance fans in any color you want. Read More