Easy Linux Folding Setup Guide: The GUI Method

For those folding participants new to Linux, the CLI (command line interface) can be a bit unfamiliar. And yea, we’ve all had the frustration of getting the necessary tips from the more experienced Linux users. Yet the developers of most Linux distributions have provided a very nice Graphical User Interface for people who well, live in a graphical world! That’s what we are going to take advantage of, just basically 10 quick & easy graphical steps represented in a series of screenshots. Read More

How to Short Stroke for RAID

Mechanical hard drives are still the slowest part of our computers.  While SSDs are becoming more popular, not many can afford them.  Those who still like to pay about 10 cents per gigabyte will continue to buy mechanical-type hard drives. That said; let’s get right into the meat and potatoes… Read More

Subzero Cooling Insulation Guide

Sub zero cooling can be an exciting adventure, and is essential to getting the very best possible overclocks. But care should always be taken to make sure you keep your components dry for obvious reasons. With this fool-proof insulation guide, benching with the cold stuff will be like a walk in the park. Read More

Making the Most of Media Centre Remotes: Installation and Custom Mapping

Have you ever wanted to get more out of your remote in Linux? I sure did. I spend a lot of time setting up and programming for media centres. One thing that I have found with Linux is that many of the remotes that are “obsolete” in Windows Vista/7 actually are still well supported in Linux. This makes it easy to get great remotes cheaply.
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Corsair Labs 2009: Home Theater PC Build Log

In December of 2007, Corsair Labs took a look at building a high definition Home Theater PC, or HTPC. Since that time, several exciting new technologies and innovations have become available that give us cause to revisit the the topic.

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HD 5870 BIOS Flashing

I received my spanking new XFX 5870 from I really don’t have vendor preference and as these cards are in high demand you have to take what you can get. The only issue with the stock XFX card and most other brands for that matter is the BIOS clock limits set by the manufacturer. This article describes how I changed this to overclock it.

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