NZXT Releases External Touch-Screen Fan Controller

NZXT Sentry LXE Fan Controller

Who said all fan controllers are created equal? Certainly not, in fact just in the past six months, we looked at several different fan controllers, analyzing performance and design. After investigating the offerings from several top manufacturers, including Lamptron (FC-2 and FC-3, FC-5), Scythe and even an older NZXT model, clearly the new NZXT Sentry LXE is by far the best-looking fan controller out there. Read More

Core Temp 0.99.7 Released

A new version of Core Temp was released this weekend: fixes the frequency issues, improves processor detection and support for the Windows 7 taskbar. Also, an introduction to CoreTempMC, a Core Temp extension for Windows Media Center. Read More

Live Benching Tonight: Miahallen on Liquid Nitrogen

MIAHALLEN, the #13 overclocker in the world on HWBot, will be benching live with liquid nitrogen onĀ  his CPU tonight, June 22, 2010. Watch him here at Overclockers Live – Stage 1! Update 12:30AM EST – this event is over, the next live benching session will be announced soon. Stay tuned! Read More

Live Benching Tonight: ghost_recon88 member, ghost_recon88 is benching live tonight. It may already be underway. ghost_recon88 will be chasing 2d benchmarks, as well as trying his luck with vantage later tonight. Tune in right now, Thursday June 17th, 2010. Read More

Catalyst 10.6 Drivers Released


ATI has just released the Catalyst 10.6 video drivers. The newest version is said to provide several performance enhancements, including improved scores in 3dmark Vantage. Read More

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