AMD Black Ops Event - Today at 12 Noon CST

An extreme overclocking event hosted by AMD, centered around the new processor release we’ve been talking about all week – the hexa-core AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban. 500L of Liquid Nitrogen, 500L of Liquid Helium, and extreme AMD overclocking featured on a stage unlike any before it! Read More

AMD SB850 Southbridge in Limited Supply

AMD Logo

Industry sources reports that AMD is unable to meet the demand for its new SB850 southbridge. Some motherboards branded as 8-series products may feature last generation SB710 parts instead of the new SB850. Read More

ATI Tapes Out 6000-Series Graphics Cards

ATI Radeon Logo

Graphics processors manufacturer ATI has announced that its new architecture, named Southern Islands, has taped out. The products based on the new GPU are expected to form the 6000-series of cards and will likely be launched in Q4 2010. Read More

Intel to Replace LGA1366 Socket in 2011

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Intel is set to replace its current high-end socket, LGA1366, when it releases its new 8-cores processors in the second half of 2011. The new socket and accompanying chipset bring several new features for better performance. Read More

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