Easy Linux Folding Setup Guide: The GUI Method

For those folding participants new to Linux, the CLI (command line interface) can be a bit unfamiliar. And yea, we’ve all had the frustration of getting the necessary tips from the more experienced Linux users. Yet the developers of most Linux distributions have provided a very nice Graphical User Interface for people who well, live in a graphical world! That’s what we are going to take advantage of, just basically 10 quick & easy graphical steps represented in a series of screenshots. Read More

In Memory Of pscout

This post is a little unorthodox for our Folding Team, here at, as I am personally going out of my way to bring back an old Member Spotlight. As a matter of fact, it was the 9th one that was ever done for our team. Read More Needs Your Feedback was launched in Nov 1998, and since then we’ve come a long way. We’ve heard tons of great feedback from our forum members, however we’d also like to hear from our readers! Drop us a note, and let us know your thoughts as well as any suggestions! Read More

The Overclocker Magazine

I am proud to announce that Overclockers Forums has been featured in the latest issue of The Overclocker magazine. This online publication is the “world’s first magazine dedicated exclusively to overclocking and binding the world’s overclocking communities together.” Read More

Windows Showdown: 8 Operating Systems in 6 Benchmarks

Since its debut, Windows Vista has taken nothing but flak from almost every demographic one could think of. Everyone from the casual user looking to browse the web and type up a few reports to the benchmark fanatic obsessed with squeezing all the speed he or she could is likely to complain about Vista being bloated and slow. Windows 7 on the other hand has been hailed as being noticeably better performing, and supposedly as light as XP. And what about XP? How do they really stack up to one another? The examination of these questions follows. Read More

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