Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Overclocking Results Leaked

Sandy Bridge BIOS Screenshot (Courtesy Coolaler Forums)

Well, its about that time again. Intel has some new chips up its sleeve and they are about ready to show their face. However before Intel got to show them, the China-based Coolaler Forums posted some screen shots of an i7-2600K (K for the unlocked multiplier) sitting at 5Ghz with a Super Pi 1M run of 7.488s under its belt. Read More

GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Champion Crowned

GO-OC 2010 Scoreboard

After months of heated competition among some of the world’s best overclockers, a winner has finally been announced in the GO OC 2010. For those of you who have not been following, the GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship is a worldwide competition. Regional qualifiers were held throughout the world, the winners received an all-expense paid trip to Taipei, Taiwan, to compete in the finals. After winning the North America regional, our very own sno.lcn, traveled to the Far East for a chance to test his skills against overclockers from around the world. Read More

AMD Releases Six New Processors

AMD certainly isn’t sleeping on their laurels while enthusiasts eagerly await Bulldozer’s arrival. Today they are releasing several new processors that span from their Athlon II line all the way up to a brand new Thuban. Read More

Updated Intel Overclocking Guides

Overclockers’ own Miahallen has published the latest edition of his popular overclocking guide including guidance for prospective buyers as well as a heightened level of detail for specific Intel microarchitectures. Read More

Intel Sandy Bridge Roadmap Leaked

German Tech site recently published an article showing ‘leaked’ Intel roadmaps for the Sandy Bridge based desktop and mobile CPUs and the new chipsets. A new range of i3, i5 and i7 chips is revealed, as well as some special ‘K’, ‘S’ and ‘T’ series chips. Read More

Intel to Restrict Overclocking on Sandy Bridge

After all the overclocking triumphs with the Core line of processors, it is hard to believe that the latest Sandy Bridge CPUs from Intel will be more difficult to overclock. is reporting that Intel has “designed the CPUs to deliberately limit overclocking” according to slides prepared by Intel. Read More

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