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Live Benching Tonight: Miahallen on Liquid Nitrogen

MIAHALLEN, the #13 overclocker in the world on HWBot, will be benching live with liquid nitrogen on  his CPU tonight, June 22, 2010. Watch him here at Overclockers Live – Stage 1! Update 12:30AM EST – this event is over, the next live benching session will be announced soon. Stay tuned! Read More

Live Benching Tonight: ghost_recon88 member, ghost_recon88 is benching live tonight. It may already be underway. ghost_recon88 will be chasing 2d benchmarks, as well as trying his luck with vantage later tonight. Tune in right now, Thursday June 17th, 2010. Read More

Earthdog Live Benching member Earthdog will be benching live with Dry Ice on his CPU tonight, Saturday June the 5th at approximately 9PM ES. Catch the action and live chat on Overclockers Live Stage 1! Read More

ghost_recon88, sno.lcn, and KonaKona are Benching Live Tonight

Overclockers Benching Team members ghost_recon88, KonaKona, and benching team leader sno.lcn are benching sub-zero live tonight! Catch the full action including tips from the Benchmark Team with live video and chat on Stage 1 and Stage 2. The stages are scheduled to be live at 8PM and 7PM EST respectively!

Check out the preview below… Once the benchmarking has begun, the videos will begin playing automatically. Please click the links above to be taken to the stage where everyone hangs out during the show to watch and discuss.

Update: Both sessions are now completed. You can discuss their sessions further here or in the forum. You can also read more on how you can join our benching team. Read More

Inter-Forum Benchmark Challenge

The Inter-Forum Challenge between OC Forums and forums starts soon! Existing benching team members are encouraged to join in, and new benching team members would be warmly welcomed. Read More

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