Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler

The successor to the ever popular Ultra 120E series CPU Coolers, the new Venomous X 1366, 775, and 1156 socket CPU Cooler boasts a lot of new improvements while staying true to proven fundamentals. I finally had a chance this busy holiday weekend to install the Thermalright Venomous X… Read More

Scythe Musashi Review

My HTPC was just too darned LOUD for me to enjoy the system, so I decided to look around for ways to quiet it down some…I found the Scythe Musashi. Read More

Water Cooling First Build: Swiftech H20

There comes a point in everyone’s overclocking journey where one cannot help but wonder what kinds of temps and higher overclock they would be able to achieve with better cooling.

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nPower Hurricane

The latest heatsink from Thermal Transtech (aka nPower) features the largest heatpipe I’ve ever seen for CPU cooling.

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AMA Aragon 900 Watercooling Kit

The Aragon 900 Watercooling Kit from AMA Tech does an excellent cooling job and has all the parts you need for aggressive CPU cooling. UPDATED to show the waterblock’s innards.

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