Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000 W PSU Review

Here we have Cooler Master’s latest PSU. No longer content with mere Silver or Gold ratings, this unit is rated as an 80+ Platinum unit. The 80+ Platinum badge certifies that the PSU is disgustingly efficient and contributes a bare minimum to global warming. Or at the very least, that it’s at least 89% efficient at full load, 92% at 50% load, and 90% at 20% load. Read More

Noctua NF-F12 - Zaward Golf G3 - Alpenfohn 120 Fan Review

Now, you may be thinking, “Fans? …What’s so interesting about fans?” Or you may not even be that fussed, just a tad curious. Whatever guys, fans are incredibly versatile. Hopefully this review will show a bit about how diverse the fan market is and what’s on offer for people. Read More

HIS HD 7750 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card Review

HIS has sent along their latest HD 7750 video card for us to put through the paces. What makes this one different, you might ask? Well, two things actually. For starters, HIS has taken the HD 7750 and used the more current reference design of 900 MHz core versus the original reference design’s 800 MHz core. HIS then decided to top it off by installing their higher end IceQ X cooler. Read More

Cougar Challenger Mid-Tower Case Review

Challenger Buttons

The Challenger is a new case from Cougar. When you see it you are to think about missile firing switches. It is designed to accommodate large graphics cards and to facilitate cooling as well as looking cool. And though they don’t advertise this, Cougar has clearly gone to some lengths to make the Challenger easy to work in. So did they succeed? Let’s go exploring and see. Read More

HighPoint RocketCache 3240X8 Review

Today, we have a product from a company typically associated with the server and business market, HighPoint Technologies, Inc. What we’ll be taking a look at in this article is their RocketCache 3240×8; a product for combining multiple SSDs and HDDs into high performance, high capacity storage solutions. Read More

Arctic Accelero Hybrid 7970 GPU Cooler

Today we will be taking a look at Arctic’s venture into a closed-loop cooling solution – the Accelero Hybrid 7970. Supporting a dozen AMD video cards ranging from the HD 5830 through the HD 7970 (with some exceptions) this cooler is set to be marketed as their flagship cooling solution. Read More

AMD FX-8350 - Piledriver - CPU Review

Today AMD is releasing their new FX processors. They are an evolutionary step from AMD’s oft-maligned Bulldozer processors released just over a year ago. How large of a step forward is Piledriver? We’re here to show you! Read More

EVGA GTX 650 Ti SSC 1GB Review

The GTX650 Ti is Nvidia’s latest offering in the Kepler lineup, we looked at MSI’s entry into this field on NDA drop day, now it’s EVGA’s turn. Who will come out on top? Read More

Sapphire PURE Platinum A85XT Motherboard Review

With the recent release of AMD’s new Trinity APUs, motherboard manufacturers have been quick to respond with their Socket FM2 offerings to support this new platform. You can include Sapphire in this group – with their newest release, the PURE Platinum A85XT, which is armed with full support for everything the Trinity APU and A85X chipset brings to the table. Read More

ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum Edition Video Card Review

Did I say flagship when we reviewed the ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP? Apparently I should have said flagship…for now. The Matrix HD 7970 Platinum Edition is clocked even higher (1100 MHz!) and has even more features that make it the new flagship. The embargo on this beastly hardware lifts today and we’re right here to bring it to you! Read More

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