PS3 Hard Drive Performance Test: 5400.3, Scorpio Black, X25-M G2

Questions about hard drive upgrades regarding the PS3 have been asked many times. I have asked this question on multiple occasions and have never gotten a concrete answer. I have gotten some “out there” responses such as “All drives are automatically reduced to 5400RPMs” and “The PS3’s hardware is only compatible with 5400RPM drives.” I’ve also gotten some responses that have merit, like “The Blu-Ray drive will bottleneck the drive anyway” and “SATA1 will limit faster drives.” So, I decided to find out for myself how hard drives compare to each other when installed on the PS3 and if the BD-ROM and/or SATA1 limits load times. Read More

Getting to Know the Rampage II Extreme With Benching in Mind

This article will be editorial in nature, full of my opinions. I’m a bencher, so my views will not be based on gaming performance, or how “cool” it looks in a LAN box. The ASUS Rampage II Extreme is the top of the line for ASUS, as such, it better be worth it. My goals and expectations are simple, meet or exceed the performance of my current eVGA E758. Ideally I want to see a 230 Base Clock and decent Tri-SLI performance. Read More

MSI P55-GD80 Motherboard Review

Since the release of Intel’s P55 platform, a seemingly endless number of motherboards have been popping up, ranging from under $100 for basic entry-level boards to close to $300 for feature-packed overclocking powerhouses.   MSI’s top end 1156 motherboard, right around the middle of the P55 price range, is the P55-GD80.  With all of the features and overclocking options, I was very excited when MSI sent me this board for testing. 
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Gigabyte P55-UD6 Review

Since the introduction of the P55/Lynnfield platform a few months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to test several P55 motherboards.  Each has had it’s own advantages, as well as it’s own quirks and bugs.  But every time I test a new board, I always come back to this one: Gigabyte P55 UD6.
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ATi HD 5870 Review

We are going to be covering the SAPPHIRE Radeon Model 100281SR priced @ $379.00. In this review I intend to discuss Performance, benchmarks and overall as a buyer what you should expect from this video card.
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Water Cooling First Build: Swiftech H20

There comes a point in everyone’s overclocking journey where one cannot help but wonder what kinds of temps and higher overclock they would be able to achieve with better cooling.

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