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Silverstone Raven RV04 Full Tower Case Review

For well over a year now, the Silverstone Raven RV04 has been in the works and it’s finally becoming available for purchase. The slogan “Redefine Tradition” has been affixed to the RV04 in an attempt to highlight the thought process behind this uniquely designed full-tower case. From the 90-degree motherboard mounting to the slightly smaller size than the previous Raven cases, Silverstone hopes to impress with this latest addition to the Raven family. Let’s see how they did! Read More

Cooler Master Cosmos SE Full Tower Case Review

It’s another Cooler Master release date! This time around, Cooler Master has a new member of the Cosmos family of full tower cases – the Cosmos SE. When compared to the Cosmos II, we have a full tower offering that is a little smaller in stature, but still appears to be loaded with features. The Cosmos SE sports a classic design with aluminum handles, and is said to be well equipped for the water cooling enthusiast. So, let’s dive in and find out what Cooler Master has in this latest Cosmos offering. Read More

Vantec Nexstar HX2R HDD External Hard Drive Enclosure

It’s a motherboard, it’s a video card, it’s an SSD…it’s an external HDD enclosure?!! That is right folks, today we have an opportunity to review another external HDD enclosure from Vantec. Instead of the HX4R I reviewed a couple months ago, we have its little brother, the HX2R to look at this time around. About the only difference is how many drives the enclosure holds, two with this model, versus four. I do not expect there to be too much of a difference in anything, but we will put it through its paces anyway and see what’s shaking! Read More

Microcool Banchetto K Bench Station Review

Today, we have something out of the ordinary for the general consumers out there, but for those enthusiasts and benchmarkers, it’s a fairly common sight. So, what am I talking about? An open bench/tech station, the Microcool Banchetto K to be specific. These bench/tech stations typically allow easy access to hardware for those that tinker, swap out components frequently, and/or use extreme cooling for benchmarking. Read More

ZyXEL X650 Router and AC240 Adapter Review

Owning a wireless device of some sort has become commonplace in today’s world. Whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other wireless device, the need for a fast and stable wireless network has never been more important. Modern technology has brought us Gigabit transfer speeds and wireless 802.11ac formats, both resulting in greatly improved network performance over the past few years. ZyXEL sent their X650 router and AC240 wireless adapter, each of which takes advantage of these newer technologies. Read More

Cooler Master N600 Case Review

Cooler Master N600 Mid-Tower Case

Cooler Master is known for affordable cases that provide excellent airflow, with the potential for more airflow if you add fans. The N600 is a new Cooler Master case that has a number of promising features. Let us do a deep dive and explore this case. Read More

Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Headset Review

Attention Grabber Blurb

When I started to work on this review, I had already had a great day, and the UPS man showing up with a mysterious box from Coolermaster made it even better. The box inside was mysterious, the attached NDA made it even moreso (NDA will have been lifted by time this review is out), and to top it all off, it was supposed to be flashy and sound good at the same time. Will Coolermaster have made the mistake of flash over substance? Will I ever figure out how to use the front 3.5mm outputs on my case again? Come inside and read to find out! Read More

Thermaltake Chaser A71 Full Tower Case Review

The Chaser line of cases from Thermaltake have been one of their most popular chassis options over the past couple years. All previous cases Thermaltake has offered under the Chaser name have been classified as mid-tower in size, but today we get to see the Chaser in it’s first attempt at a full-tower design – the Chaser A71. I’ve had the opportunity in the past to work with a couple of the earlier Chaser offerings, and came away impressed with both the design and price. So, lets have a look at this full-tower Chaser A71 and see if it continues to impress! Read More

Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Red Switch Edition Keyboard Review

Adding to their already popular MEKA gaming keyboard line, Tt eSPORTS (Thermaltake) has a new member of the family we’ll be reviewing today. The MEKA G-Unit Cherry MX Red Switch Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the full name attached to this monster, and that’s certainly a mouthful! The MEKA G-Unit line of mechanical gaming keyboards comes in other options as well, coming in the form of the Illuminated Edition, Combat Edition and one called simply G-Unit. Let’s save the other MEKA G-Unit keyboards for perhaps another day and dive into today’s sample for a closer look at this latest mechanical gaming keyboard offering from Tt eSPORTS. Read More

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