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Fractal Design Define R4 Mid-Tower Case Review

As the Define R3 exits stage left, entering stage right is the recently released Define R4. This time around we get a chassis that is a little wider, includes USB 3.0 support, and features a built in fan controller. We’ll touch on other improvements made to the Define R4 as we work our way around the case, inside and out. Read More

Cougar PowerX 550 W Power Supply Review

Today, we review a Cougar. Probably not the kind you initially thought of. This one is bright orange/red! It’s also a power supply. Cougar is one of HEC/Compucase’s house brands for power supplies and fans, their main claim to fame as far as I can tell are the lurid paint jobs. This unit is no exception! If the performance is as good as the paint is shiny, we’re in for a good unit here. Let’s check! Read More

Fractal Design Node 605 Case Review

Fractal Design has been make a splash in the market with computer cases lately, and with their new HTPC the Node 605, they look to continue to make waves. As Fractal Design puts it themselves, “The Node 605 highlights a minimalistic, sleek Scandinavian appeal which is designed to integrate into your home theatre equipment.” While it is easy to see from the looks they have hit that mark, as it looks like a receiver/amplifier, let’s see how working inside the unit to get it up and running works out! Read More

OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

As time goes on in the SSD landscape, we have seen quite a transition in just a few years time. Huge performance increases, NAND lifespan increases, and firmware evolution all have eroded away at scene to reveal faster, more stable, and longer life SSDs. In this light, one of the more popular SSD makers, OCZ, has come out with their newest drive, Vector, aimed at the high performance and workstation market. Read More

Rosewill Silent Night 500 W Fanless Power Supply

Sometimes even a quiet fan is too loud, for those situations Rosewill has you covered with this Silent Night PSU. It doesn’t have a loud fan. It doesn’t have a quiet fan. It doesn’t have a fan at all! The claim is that this makes it a 0dB PSU. It certainly goes a long way towards that goal, but fans aren’t the only source of noise from a PSU. Read More

BitFenix Prodigy mITX Case Review

Computers are shrinking. Even enthusiast computers are getting smaller & smaller. We’ll look more in-depth at the shrinking ability of the power-user in the coming weeks when we publish a review of EVGA’s mITX Z77 Stinger. However, before that, we’ll have a look at the case in which it will reside – the BitFenix Prodigy. Read More

Rosewill TACHYON 1000 Watt 80+ Platinum Power Supply Review

Rosewill has decided to get into the High Wattage High Efficiency power supply game, their TACHYON series runs from 550 W up through 1000 W. Naturally enough, I went for the 1000 W flavor. It boasts 80+ Platinum efficiency, modular cables, as well as general awesomeness. This isn’t the first 1kW Platinum unit we’ve had here at OCF, let’s see how Rosewill’s model compares! Read More

Tt eSports (Thermaltake) Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review

Thermaltake, and a BMW Group subsidiary (Dreamworks USA), have teamed up once again. This time in they make a run at the computer peripheral realm. You may remember this same collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW back when the Level 10 series of products first began to emerge. Read More

Cooler Master HAF XB Case Review

Cooler Master, never a company to sit around and do nothing, seems to have spent some time thinking outside the box. The result is this HAF XB case. It’s shaped like a box, I assume they didn’t do their thinking inside as it’s too small to fit a standardized engineer inside it. Read More

Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000 W PSU Review

Here we have Cooler Master’s latest PSU. No longer content with mere Silver or Gold ratings, this unit is rated as an 80+ Platinum unit. The 80+ Platinum badge certifies that the PSU is disgustingly efficient and contributes a bare minimum to global warming. Or at the very least, that it’s at least 89% efficient at full load, 92% at 50% load, and 90% at 20% load. Read More

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