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InWin Glacier 900W 80+ Gold Power Supply Review

Today, we’re looking at InWin’s new Glacier 900 W power supply. It’s an 80+ Gold rated, modular cabled unit with a nice looking spec sheet and a staggeringly long seven year warranty. Sounds pretty good to me! I’ll give it a taste of hell with my load tester, peer into its secret high frequency workings with my oscilloscope, and lastly crack it open to see if any wooly mammoths are inside the glacier. If I don’t find frozen mammoths, I’ll look at the build quality and see what components were used. Read More

BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Recently BitFenix sent us a conspicuous looking box with the word Raider emblazoned on the side. Given the definition of Raider, I was very much looking forward to giving this case a good look over, and if true to past BitFenix chassis offerings I will not be disappointed. Read More

D-Link Xtreme N DGL-4500 Gaming Router Review

If you are in the market for a new router, the top of your tech wish-list needs to be Wireless N and Gigabit transfer speeds. D-Link has a wide range of options with those features, but one model that should interest all the gamers is the Xtreme N Gaming Router. In addition to the latest technology, it also has an advanced quality of service (QOS) filtering called GamerFuel. Throw in an LCD screen and a USB port and you’ve got yourself a very attractive product on paper. Hopefully this little guy has the muscle to back it all up and deliver the performance you require. Read More

Lian Li PC-Z70 Case Review

When computer enthusiasts think about high-end, ultra quality cases, what’s the first name that comes to mind? Yes, that’s rhetorical; we all know it’s Lian Li. Read More

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB Review

What do you do when you’re addicted to the speed SSD’s provide, but you need more space than your budget will allow in an SSD? You look to OCZ’s RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB. OCZ has come up with an all-in-one HDD/RevoDrive caching solution for those power users that NEED all that space Read More

SilverStone PS07 mATX Case Review

SilverStone is considered by many PC enthusiasts to be in the top tier of case manufacturers from the quality and aesthetic appeal of their designs. Today, we’ll be having a look at a case from SilverStone’s Precision line of cases, which is described as high-value tower chassis. The PS07 is the first mATX case in the Precision line and is geared toward a balance between size and functionality. Read More

Cubitek HPTX Tank Case Review

Today will be a bit of a change for me, in that I won’t be reviewing a heatsink. Instead, I will be doing a case review of the Cubitek HPTX Tank. As the name suggests, it’s a monster sized case that can accommodate any size motherboard and a whole lot of hardware. We’ll be seeing if the HPTX Tank can live up to its name. Read More

Lancool First Knight PC-K63 Case Review

The Lancool First Knight PC-K63 looks to be an air cooled dream, as it boasts two 140mm LED front fans, two 140mm top-mounted fans and a 120mm LED rear-mounted fan. Plus, it’s completely tool-less. Read More

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