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Lian Li PC-X900 Case Review

When we first talked to Lian Li, they asked us to review a benching station (their PC-Q06, reviewed here). They are not necessarily well known for benching stations, but they are most definitely known for their enclosed cases. Almost every PC builder, modder, and water cooler has seen (and drooled over) their creations. Today we’ll be pouring over one of their newer cases we posted about previously, the PC-X900. Read More

Crystal Edge Case Review

When I first received the Crystal Edge Acrylic PC Case from My Open PC, I felt that this case could bring out a new level in my ability to make computers look attractive. I had never used an acrylic case before. After working with one… Read More

NZXT Phantom Case Review

200 mm Top Fan

Maybe this is a cliché, but the NZXT Phantom Case is ready for liftoff. My first impression out of the box was: “this case looks like a freakin’ space shuttle.” Perhaps it was the smooth white exterior with black mesh highlights or the rounded edge of the drive cover? Now, NZXT may not have had NASA engineers design this monstrous full-tower, but the case is impressive between the cooling possibilities, wire-management features and it’s beautiful exterior. Read More

Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Case and CP-1000 PSU

Antec has kindly sent me a Dark Fleet DF-85 case and CP-1000 PSU to review. These products are aimed at the upper end of the market; both products are in Antec’s ‘CPX’ form factor and designed to work together. Read More

Cooler Master Storm Inferno Mouse Review

Cooler Master has another addition to their Storm gaming product line, the Inferno mouse. For hardcore gamers, the right peripherals can make a huge difference in performance and comfort, so not just any old mouse will do. Although it only has 4000 DPI (the Sentinel Advance has 5600 DPI) and no weight adjustment, the Inferno promises to be more than just good looks. Read More

Psyko Audio Labs 5.1 Headphones Review

Surround sound headphones have never had a good reputation in my book, but Psyko Audio Labs has come up with a new, novel approach which could change this segment of the market for the better. Enter the Psyko 5.1 headphones and their analog sound pipes, which are supposed to properly emulate a real surround sound speaker system. Having a completely new approach to sound delivery intrigued me from the start, but how well can this actually work in practice? Read More

Patriot Inferno 100GB SSD Review

“A solid state drive (SSD) is the greatest single upgrade you can perform on a modern computer.” At least that’s what we’ve been told at one time or another. SSDs have come a very long way since their first release. They’re more reliable, larger and most importantly, their cost-per-gigabyte has come down. Today we’ll see if that modern day adage is true as we examine Patriot’s high performance Inferno SSD. Read More

NZXT Vulcan Case Review

I’ve been in the market for a new computer case for quite some time. My little Antec Aria has served me well, but I’ve been experiencing a growing need for something with more flexibility. I’ve actually been on the search for the right case for over a year now, but the need hasn’t been pressing enough to rush me. Thus, I’ve been able to take my time and select one that fits all of my needs. These needs are, in no particular order: mATX, full-size PSU, lots of ventilation, small footprint, many cooling options, easy to work in, super stylish, and reasonably priced. When the NZXT Vulcan was offered up for review, after looking over specs and photos for a few days, I realized this may be just what I’d been looking for. Read More

In-Win Dragon Slayer mATX Case Review

Today I will be reviewing the “Dragon Slayer” case, provided to me by the manufacturer, In-Win Development Inc. According to their website, In-Win has been in the computer case business since 1985. I personally have been aware of them for more than a decade, and most, if not all of what I’ve heard has been positive. Let’s see how well the “Dragon Slayer” lives up to In-Win’s reputation. Read More

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