The End of the Era of Speed

Intel plans to junk the desktop PIV path in favor of its notebook series. This is an admission by Intel that long-term, it can no longer conduct business as usual because it can’t handle the resultant heat and power problems. In other words, you can’t just crank it up when… Read More

The more things change, the more they stay the same?

I’ve been away from the overclocking game for quite some time; 3 years (almost 4). I used to have quite an insane setup for my final shot at the great hall of overclocking fortune (HERE), but never got the great OC results I read about everywhere. I guess that’s what… Read More

Stunted Growth

TweedleDont . . . Cebit is beginning, and usually this is a time for the computer industry to shift into higher gear. This year, there’s plenty of new transmission gear, but the engines aren’t there. Much of the new technology is dependent on new CPU engines driving them, but Intel… Read More