Adequate CPU Cooling

Anyone who remembers the days of the Celeron 300A will no doubt recall that extreme cooling referred almost exclusively to home built watercooling rigs. It was not long thereafter that manufacturers of after market coolers began to use ‘extreme’ to refer to anything other than the stock cooling system supplied… Read More

Intel Processors

NOTE: The following was released today by Intel and I thought it so revealing about Intel’s future CPUs that I reproduced it below: Intel Fact Sheet Intel Corporation’s Multicore Architecture Briefing April 1, 2008 — Intel Corporation today discussed upcoming leading edge microprocessors and technologies. Intel’s new 15.7nm high-o metal… Read More


This article is a compilation of my thoughts on all the games I purchased in 2007. There are a few good titles missing, namely Call of Duty 4 and Bioshock. But I presently play COD4 on the PS3 and after playing through Deus Ex, Bioshock pales in comparison (that and… Read More