How To Put Together a 172W Peltier

How did this start? At the beginning, I just to make my homebrew PC as fast as possible without breaking the bank. Athlon seemed to be a logical selection to do that. Then I realized the beast is at melting point all the time, so I ended up with an… Read More

Scavenged Squirrel Cage Reduces CPU Cooling Noise

I binned my excessively noisy YS TECH CPU fan, FD1260257B-2A, (which drew 2.16 amps – no wonder it was noisy!) and utilised an ex-copier rotational fan, ‘Nidec GAMMA32’, running at 12V instead of it’s rated 24V – it’s nice and quite. I positioned it so it runs ‘sidedraft’; the theory… Read More

OC Folding Contest

What’s This? The O/C Forums Folding Team wants to encourage more people to join us, so we got together, chipped in, and decided to have this contest. What’s Folding? You can read about folding join our folding team What’s the Prize? The grand prize is a new computer! Athlon XP1600… Read More