The Other P2P . . .

During this whole P2P Era, I always wondered, “Why doesn’t the RIAA and MPAA and the BSA ever bother with newsgroups?” After all, you can find pretty much the same things there you can on a P2P network. Well, the other shoe has dropped. The record companies are now suing… Read More

Recapping the Thermaltake 430W

NOTE: This article is for information purposes only. The author is well experienced to undertake this project. Opening and modifying a power supply as depicted herein is NOT recommended or condoned. Neither the author nor Overclockers.com will be held responsible for any direct or consequential damages resulting from any actions… Read More

Vista - Microsoft's Prescott?

SUMMARY: Vista – a 50/50 proposition. Many readers remember when Prescott came out – basically Intel hit the wall with Prescott, with cooling issues severe enough to render this CPU as a problem. Fast forward and now we see CPUs where raw speed is not the paramount issue and cooling… Read More

Why Is Intel Ahead? . . .

I came across this fascinating article today. Here’s a couple introductory paragraphs: “. . . Intel appears to be further along toward production with a real 45nm process than anyone else. They also appear to be getting far better results, in terms of power-performance and yield, on 65nm than almost… Read More

A Silly Argument . . .

The case of Capitol v. Thomas is going to be appealed. On what grounds? Let me allow Ms. Thomas to tell us what her attorney told her: “He explained how we’re going to take the RIAA’s theory of making available and appeal it. He also explained how if we win,… Read More

VOIP Thoughts

A buddy of mine signed up for VOIP service about 1½ years ago…but he’s cheap. He found the cheapest phone company he could and had the service about six months, all the while begging me to sign on under him. I talked to him often over the phone…I know how… Read More

Vantec EZ-Swap EX 666

SUMMARY: Attractive, durable SATA package for mobile storage. The good guys at Vantec sent over a sample of their EZ-Swap EX internal/external 2.5″ SATA hard drive enclosure to try out. This is a very sleek, aluminum alloy unit for portable storage which slides into a SATA sleeve docking unit that… Read More