We get a lot of emails each day and we try to answer each one. You can help us in this task by first reading the FAQs below: Q: How do I overclock an AMD system? A: Please read "AMDFAQ" – this covers most questions related to AMD’s CPUs and… Read More


After a bit of research on busmastering, I found out the following: First, you must have Windows correctly recognizing the PIIX3 or PIIX4 chipsets before any busmastering software is installed. According to Intel, neither W95 or W98 does this, so you have to install a patch: 95setupex.exe or 98setupex.exe. These… Read More

Overclockers.com---Out, Out Damned Heat!

"Out, Out Damned Heat!" by Joe Citarella 10/15/98 There is no question that heat is the overclockers enemy. In chasing this demon, many employ the number one talisman – the 80 mm case fan. This is one area where the prevailing logic seems to be “the more the better”. Well,… Read More

Overclockers.com---Overclocking FAQ

  “Overclocking FAQ” by Frank Monroe 10/3/98 Contents: Introduction and Disclaimer So you want to overclock a Celeron? Why is the Celeron so overclockable? What does stepping mean? What is an S-code? What is ‘multiplier locking’ and ‘bus locking’? Which type of Celeron should I buy? Which motherboard should I… Read More