“Journalistic Integrity” is one of those phrases that, when applied to some magazines and websites, is an oxymoron. It’s no secret that advertising is the money-engine that keeps magazines and websites alive. As readers you may be annoyed at our ads’ intrusion, but on the other side, without them there… Read More

Silverthorne: Intel Starts On Another Road . . .

Intel recently talked about doing more with less in CPUs. This got little attention, and what attention it got carried the scent of mild disapproval, but in the long run, it will probably be more important than all the Santa Rosas and Penryns and Barcelonas put together. What Intel did… Read More

PC Building Guide

One of the big reasons that some people have trouble building computers is that there is an absolute myriad of components out there that have certain compatibilities with other parts, which means that the combination has to be flawless for the system to work. Experienced builders can usually sort out… Read More

I Know What You Did Last CPU . . .

This journalist-type fellow says that Intel can determine if you’ve overclocked and deny your warranty. This AMD-exec-type fellow says that AMD can determine if you’ve overclocked and deny your warranty, too, though. It’s not clear whether AMD can do this now, or with the new K10s. These two facts have… Read More


With the constant talk of global warming and rising price of energy, I really think the smaller, more energy friendly PCs are going to become more popular. I actually built one from scratch for a work PC to replace a Pentium XE965 system. The XE965 was overkill for what I… Read More

Linux Power

Countervailing Power “Countervailing power is the theory of political modification of markets, formulated by American economist JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH. In the classic liberal economy, goods and services are provided and prices set by free bargaining. Modern economies give massive powers to large business corporations to bias this process, and there… Read More

AM3 Is Not AM3 . . .

From here: AMD suggests Deneb will be the first processor on the new AM3 socket. Previous AMD documentation indicated that AM2 and AM3 would be forward/backward compatible — yet AMD engineers claim the AM3 alluded to in 2006 is not the same AM3 referenced in the 2008 launch schedule. “At… Read More

Another Non-Product? . . .

Next month, probably May 9, Intel (probably alongside a lot of partners) will introduce its Santa Rosa generation of mobile platforms. There’s nothing earthshaking about it, but it incorporates a number of solid improvements to the Centrino platform. There’s also a few failings with it, most notably dropping, at least… Read More

Apple's Key Strategy: Vista

“The Mac is clearly gaining market share, with sales growing 36 percent—more than three times the industry growth rate,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. Apple shipped 1,517,000 Macintosh ® computers … representing 36 percent growth in Macs … over the year-ago quarter.” Source: Apple Results “More than 50 percent of… Read More

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