Celeron cC0 Stepping Sspecs

S-specs for Celerons with the new cC0 stepping:

FC-PGA Processors  
S SpecSpeedRetail/OEM

Notice something about all these chips? They’re all retail. That means you have to pay for a fan you likely don’t want. Just took a look at Pricewatch, and the prices for retail Celerons
were considerably more than for the OEM chips. It’s possible Intel’s list isn’t complete, but if it is, that just widens the cost difference between the Celeron and Duron unless you’ll settle for the Intel fan.

Looks like the 600-667Mhz will be the prime overclocking chips here; the couple reports I heard from France indicated getting a bit over a Ghz with a 600 was quite doable. Don’t expect a lot more than that, but that’s not too shabby as a quick cheap replacement chip.

10/27/00 Update: Got a note from someone saying the following are actually OEM chips.

SL4PC – 566 MHz
SL4PB – 600 MHz
SL4PA – 633 MHz
SL4P9 – 667 MHz
SL4P8 – 700 MHz

That contradicts what Intel says, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were right. They have a real boob taking care of these things now. Lots of mistakes, lots of inconsistencies. It’s pretty bad.

Intel recently took a great step in improving its customer service by closing down some of the user forums. They were getting a bit rowdy; guess Intel didn’t want people to see how many other people were unhappy. Besides, no complaints, no problems.:)

They’ve put in some automated email system; I asked about this, and they told me to look at the document we’re questioning. “Escalating” to a real person; will tell you what answer I end up with, if any.

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