CES 2014: MSI Reveals R9 290X Lightning and GTX 760 Gaming ITX Video Cards

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With AMD and NVIDIA having already released the latest generation of GPUs, there was not much in the way of new video card technology (well outside of G-SYNC) on display at CES 2014. However, MSI showed off two new video cards that definitely caught our attention and of course a few other goodies.

Video Cards

First up, the R9 290X Lightning features a stout heatpipe cooler with three fans that MSI claims should outperform most of the other coolers on the market. Due to the robust nature of the cooler, there is a structural support underneath the cooler to maintain the PCB’s rigidity. It will need that extra cooling if you use the optional 6-pin power connector in addition to the two 8-pin connectors when pushed to the limits (thankfully it is not an NVIDIA card!). MSI expects the card to be available sometime in February and retail for about $60 more than reference cards.

R9 290X Lightning
R9 290X Lightning

A bit less monstrous is the GTX 760 Gaming ITX with the unique RADAX fan, which is a hybrid radial and axial fan. If you look closely you can see the familiar blades of a traditional fan and the vertical fins around the edges like a standard squirrel cage cooler. This combination fan should aid in getting more heat away from the card.


Here is the rest of the GPU lineup:

MSI Video Card Family
MSI Video Card Family



What would a visit to MSI’s suite be without seeing some motherboards? Not much to report here, except that MSI will be extending their “Gaming” branding over to the AMD side with A88X-G45 and A88XM Gaming motherboards. Other than the traditional red/black dragon color scheme, the boards will feature Killer NIC, OC Genie 4 and Military Class 4 components. With Kaveri rumored to be out soon, these boards will surely make that upgrade more enticing.

A88X-G45 Features (Courtesy MSI)
A88X-G45 Gaming Features (Courtesy MSI)

A88XM Gaming Features (Courtesy MSI)
A88XM Gaming Features (Courtesy MSI)

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More CES 2014 recaps to follow! Keep an eye on the front page throughout the week.

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