CES 2015: EVGA Shows GTX 980 KINGPIN Edition And Other New Products

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EVGA’s suite at the Bellagio Hotel proved to be one of the highlights during our coverage of CES 2015. It’s great to see a company so devoted to the enthusiast community and that continually strives to provide products for gamers, overclockers, and PC enthusiasts alike.

The first thing we looked at was their X99 motherboard offerings, which include the Classified, FTW, and Micro editions. We’ve already reviewed the Classified and FTW models, and we hope to have a X99 Micro to review shortly.

EVGA's X99 Motherboard Lineup
EVGA’s X99 Motherboard Lineup

EVGA had a full assortment of SuperNova power supplies on display, including their circuit breaker busting 1600 T2. The 1600 T2 is 80 Plus Titanium rated and boasts 133 Amps on a single 12V rail. Quite simply, it’s a beast of a PSU.

SuperNova PSU's
SuperNova PSU’s

On the video card side of things, EVGA showed the soon to be released GTX 980 KINGPIN Edition. Using dual 8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors, the GTX 980 KINGPIN will be able to take full advantage of the added power phases EVGA has planned for this card.

EVGA was also showing a GTX 980 decked out with an AIO water cooler. They are offering the GTX 980 and AIO as a complete kit and also plan to make the AIO cooler available separately. EVGA mentioned the AIO cooler will fit any reference design GTX 980 on the market.

Both of these GTX 980 offerings should be available Q1 or Q2 2015.

GTX 980 w/AIO Water Cooling
GTX 980 w/AIO Water Cooling


EVGA also showed us new mice and a keyboard that should be available in the coming months. The Torq X5 and Torq X3 series mice are intended to be a lower cost option than the popular X10 gaming mouse released last year. The X5 will be available in a 6400 DPI optical sensor version or in a 8200 DPI laser sensor version. The Torq X3 will be even more cost conscious and available in a 4000 DPI optical sensor version or 5000 DPI laser sensor version.

The Z10 is EVGA’s latest mechanical keyboard that features Cherry Red keys. The Z10 will integrate with EVGA’s Unleash software, which lets the user program macro G keys, the LED backlighting, and the LCD module. The LCD display built into the keyboard can provide system monitoring information, such as temperatures, fan speeds, etc.

Torq X3 and Torq X5 Mice
Torq X3 and Torq X5 Mice

Z10 Gaming Keyboad
Z10 Gaming Keyboard

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  1. GTX980 KPE looks great but somehow it's not so much better than ASUS. I just doubt EVGA will set price point similar to ASUS as KPE cards always cost much more and not really OC better ( too much depends from GPU quality itself and it's pretty random ). Probably they could wait for GTX980Ti or new Titan as barely anyone will buy GTX980 like that. MSI learned it the hard way when they released GTX780 Lightning.
    ASUS Strix GTX980 has/had most records in most benchmarks or is really close to the highest scores.
    No news about GTX980Ti. I'm actually waiting for it.
    I was waiting for the Ti, but everything i am reading puts the 980Ti to market in 2016 ???
    Nothing very reliable though,
    What the KPE will have is evbot support. This is what will set it apart in my mind.
    The Asus is a great card as well , but if I bite on a GTX 980 it will be a KPE for my needs
    If in fact the 980Ti is pushed back to late 2015 / 2016 the real story will be what does the r9 390x bring to the table assuming a first quarter release
    ASUS Strix GTX980 has/had most records in most benchmarks or is really close to the highest scores.
    No news about GTX980Ti. I'm actually waiting for it.

    Rumors is all there is, im close to pulling the trigger on 2x Asus 980 Strix, but with random info on the 980Ti, i cant help to not want to wait.
    Rumors have been Feb 2015, but lately they have been moving into feb 2016 due to production issues. I wish there were a few facts on this. Also seems AMD are looking for a way to retake the crown, and if done, the Ti would have to ship out sooner rather than later. MSI Lightning are holding bak due to 780 lightning right before the 780ti came along, and one would think MSI would be in the loop of people who know whats going on, but maybe not as much as we would think?
    What makes me think 2016 may be more accurate is the release of the KPE.
    MSI did not want to repeat it's mistake with the 780 Lightning, but if this delay is for real they will regret not bring a 980 Lightning to market.
    if there is any insider info out there you know eVGA will be the first to get it.
    It could be true if nVidia is having problems with yields at 16nm's
    The 390x will be on 20nm's, not sure if they are getting yields that will prove to be profitable either ?
    I'm thinking 2H 2015 and that is why we haven't seen them. I am sure they are waiting on AMD and their next series to see how it performs and make a reply... similar to the 780ti.
    This also gives them time, well, the fabs time, to get their processes in order as well. ;)
    Its all a guess though. I would be surprised if we didn't see a 980ti in 2015 honestly.
    Personally I think they will do their best to be out by the holiday season 2015.
    but if you remember nVidia was late to market with 28nm chips as well
    the 680 was 6 months later than the 7970
    GTX680 was late due to production issues. It supposed to be stronger chip but actual "strong" chips appeared when GTX700 were out. Nvidia changed specs of their cards just before release ... also changed price.
    GTX980Ti supposed to be at the end of last year and presented on CES but there is huge delay as we haven't even seen any leaks which are appearing 1-2 months before premiere so I assume we will have to wait about half year. Also AMD has delay as I heard from manufacturers that new cards will be "soon" and it was 3-4 months ago. 390X was expected at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. Also no leaks about premiere date.
    I'm good with that. 165W gtx 980 that beats a 250W+ 290x in performance by several percent? Then, assuming post AMD release, 980ti at....250W(??) Possibly being in the ballpark of the new AMD card (which may also be less than 250w)... I think NVIDIA is in ok shape.
    I think we will faster see new Titan than GTX980Ti. The only thing we will get soon is GTX960 and nothing else.
    I hope AMD will release their high end series soon as it's boring on the market already ( even though GTX970/980 are nice cards ).