CES 2016: In Win Unveils “Robotic” H-Tower, H-Frame 2.0 and 805 LED Front Panel

It wouldn’t be CES without a stunning and unique case concept from In Win. No surprise to anyone, In Win’s H-Tower “Transformer” case was dubbed a CES 2016 Innovation Award Winner. Although it’s very unlikely any of us will get our hands on this concept chassis, as it will likely be a limited release, In Win did have some beautiful (and expensive) consumer cases for the masses, too. Get ready for some eye candy!

H-Tower Concept Case

Without further ado, here is this “robotic” beast in all it’s glory. With the touch of a button, the H-Tower transforms from a regular computer chassis to an open platform, for changing out peripherals or just showing off an awesome build, in just a few seconds. Light colors and case open/close control will be available via a mobile app over bluetooth. In addition to the lights for aesthetic purposes, there are lasers that mark a “safety area,” or just where to avoid putting your hands or objects.

The exterior is brushed aluminum in silver or black and red ROG-themed. In addition to the open/close controls on the front, there are four USB inputs, one of which is a USB 3.1 Type-C port. Motherboards from mATX all the way up to E-ATX are supported, along with radiators up to 360mm and heatsinks up to 200mm tall.

We are not sure how many of these will be available, but you can pre-order on Newegg for a mere $2400, where the release date says February 1. I found my first purchase for when I win that $1.3 billion PowerBall lottery!

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H-Frame 2.0 and Power Supply

Another concept case was on display, the H-Frame 2.0, which is a bit more practical than the H-Tower. This full tower case has tempered glass on either side held to the aluminum chassis with special In Win logo thumbscrews. As you can see, the case is open in many areas, which helps with airflow. Two strips of lighting start at the top, back portion coming all the way down the front of the case. The case is bundled with a 1065w modular power supply, which is bigger than a standard PSU, so it will only be compatible with the H-Frame 2.0. When powered on, you can see inside the power supply through a window, but when off it’s hidden behind special glass.

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New LED Front Panel for 805 Mid Tower Case

Coming back to earth a little bit, in terms of price and practicality, In Win had their 805 mid tower on display. Although it launched in August, the 805 mid tower case was sporting a new front panel with an infinity mirror LED effect. Using double mirrors, the front panel’s LEDs appear to go into the case infinitely. The LED panel is fully RGB compatible, so users can control it, and sync it up, with ASUS software if running an ASUS ROG motherboard. In Win has not decided whether to pursue this new case version further and is soliciting feedback from end-users. It will likely come with a $60 or more price increase over the original model.

Other than the new front panel, the 805 on display was exactly the same as the model launched a few months ago. In case you have not seen it before, some highlights include tempered glass side panels, backlit LED logo, up to 280mm radiator support in front and front USB 3.1 Type-C input. These retail for $170 and come in three versions: all black, black with gold highlights or black with red highlights (think ROG-themed build).

The glare was terrible in our photographs, so the ones below are courtesy of In Win:

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909 Full Tower Case

This chassis was first unveiled at Computex in June, but this is the first time we had a chance to check out the 909 full tower in person. Constructed from a single piece of aluminum, the 909 has 5mm tinted, tempered glass side panels. Inside there is some white LED lighting to highlight your build, support for longer 220mm power supplies, E-ATX motherboard support, space for up to 360mm radiators, clever magnetic dust filters (pictured below) and a unique back panel design for hiding all kinds of wiring. The 909 is available in black or silver, but does not come cheap at $420.

Again the glare prevented our photos from coming out, so please enjoy some glamour shots from In Win:

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We hope to check out some of these cases soon for review. Keep an eye out for a few more articles before we conclude our CES 2016 coverage.

Matt Ring (mdcomp)

Featured Image: H-Frame Case (Courtesy In Win)

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