CES 2017: Enermax and LEPA Demo RGB Fans, Cases and More

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It wouldn’t be Vegas without some bright lights! Enermax and LEPA did not disappoint in that respect with tons of RGB fans, cases and coolers that made us feel like we were walking along the Las Vegas Strip rather than in a ballroom.

Enermax was excited about their new concept case called Saberay featuring a tempered glass side panel and customizable RGB strips along the top and front of the case. The included fans are also RGB, so your lighting across the entire build can be consistent. Large fan grills on the top and front of the case pop off for easy cleaning. There is plenty of room for water cooling gear and the power supply has a separate chamber, making for a clean build. The Saberay is still in the planning phases, so Enermax expects a more refined product to be announced at CeBit later this year.

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We also saw clever power supply units that had a little button next to the power switch. This button initiates a 10-second counter-rotation of the fan, which will help cut down on dust and act as a test since many of the fans on these units do not spin up until a certain temperature threshold is hit (40 °C on the Platimax D.F. lineup). This Dust-Free Rotation technology (DFR for short) will also be making its debut in the RevoBron and Maxtytan power supply units offering tons of options from 500w to 1250w capacities. Although some of these are already available, most of them will be released in April.

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DFR technology has also made it’s way to the many Enermax fans, like the appropriately named Vegas and Vegas Duo. Additionally, Enermax showed us a Pressure series fan, which they claim improves airflow by 30% via a unique blade design.

Enermax Vegas and Pressure Fans (Left to Right)
Enermax Vegas, Storm and Pressure Fans

In the realm of watercooling, Enermax had on display the bright Neochanger pump / reservoir combination unit. The Neochanger is full RGB and has a digital RPM indicator display, which makes it a great showpiece in a watercooling build. Additionally, the Neochanger comes bundled with a remote allowing for on-the-fly lighting effect and RPM changes. Expect to see this hit the market around March.

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In keeping with one the major themes of this year’s CES, RGB, we also saw the LEPA NEOillusion heatsink. Aside from full RGB capabilities, this cooler’s lighting effects can be adjusted by remote control. Performance-wise, it features four heatpipes and cools up to 200W TDP.

LEPA NeoIlusion Heatsink
LEPA NeoIlusion Heatsink with Remote

Last but not least, enjoy the remaining Enermax and LEPA photos below:

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