CES 2019: ADATA Launches Memory, SSD’s and Gaming Gear,

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Our ongoing coverage of CES 2019 continues with a tour of the latest products from ADATA and their gaming arm, XPG. In addition to high performance memory and storage, ADATA is focused on gamers this year. Gaming is one of the fastest growing segments, so manufacturers are keying in on this market with new products to meet the demand.

Along with gaming comes RGB, and along with RGB comes less than stellar photos. Sorry in advance!

Gaming Peripherals

XPG EMIX H30 SE Gaming Headset

The latest gaming headset from XPG features 7.1 surround sound, 53mm drivers and full RGB. Although the XPG EMIX H30 SE is not out yet, expect to see it at your favorite e-tailer soon. Note the stand is also an amplifier and sold separately.

XPG EMIX H30 SE Headset

XPG Infarex K30 Gaming Keyboard

After dipping their toes in the water with the Infarex K20 keyboard a few months ago, XPG is at it again with the Infarex K30, but this time including Cherry MX Green switches. This full RGB keyboard should be available sometime in Q1.

XPG K30 Keyboard



Perhaps better known for memory, XPG recently broke the DDR4 overclocking record at 5584 MHz as you might have heard. This feat was accomplished using XPG SPECTRIX RGB D80 memory. Although not a new product, this memory has a unique hybrid cooling solution with standard heatspreaders as well as an option for liquid cooling. Several SPECTRIX RGB D80 kits are available on Newegg.

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As for new memory, XPG showed off their latest SPECTRIX RGB creation. This new memory has a unique RGB implementation that covers more surface area. Kits featuring this design will be available sometime in Q1.

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SSD Products


What component would be complete without RGB? The XPG SPECTRIX SSD features full RGB, but is powered by the unit itself so no additional wires are required. This PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD offers read/write speeds of 3500/3000 MB/s respectively.

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ADATA SE800 External SSD

Last but not least, the SE800 external SSD sports USB Type-C Gen 2 and read/write speeds of up to 1000MB/s. ADATA claims the SE800 performance beats other Type-C SSDs by a significant margin, up to 2x in fact.

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