CES 2019: Alphacool Showcases Eisbaer Extreme AIO, Eisball and more

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As our CES 2019 coverage rolls on, we visited Alphacool who showcased many marvels of German engineering in the water cooling space.

Before we get to the products, enjoy these epic system builds:

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Eisbaer Extreme 280 Water Cooler

Originally on display at Computex, the Eisbaer Extreme 280 officially launched today at CES. After several rounds of improvements on the original prototype from months ago and pump design, Alphacool has put together a powerful, customizable loop.

The latest version of the Eispump VPP755 pump (v3), which comes standard with the Eisbaer Extreme 280, resolves previous compatibility issues with motherboard’s own temperature/fan control systems. One of the most appealing aspects of the Eisbaer Extreme is the flexibility. It features quick-release fasteners for easy expansion. The pump can push 350l/h, meaning you can add up to 3 meters of additional tubing to the loop, again allowing for expansion beyond the confines of a standard AIO.

Moving on the waterblock itself, the Eisblock XPX is one of the stronger performing blocks on the market. The copper radiator is cooled by Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans, which are some of our favorite 140mm fans.

Flexibility and performance does not come cheap, the Eisbaer Extreme 280 will set you back $250. That said, it has the potential to serve your needs for several years, with its expansion and flexibility even if your use case changes making it worth the cost of admission.

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Eisball Pump/Reservoir Combo

Certainly one of coolest, but strangest products, we’ve seen at CES is Alphacool’s Eisball. Not to be outdone by competitors, Alphacool claims with this product, they have the “biggest balls in the industry.” The reservoir/pump combination can hold up to 700ml and the VPP755 v3 pump runs nearly silent, since it’s submerged within the reservoir. The most challenging part was engineering a solution to prevent a vortex within the reservoir due to pressure from the pump resolved by placing a baffle up top that prevents such behavior. The product is fully RGB enabled as well. No pricing or availability information is known at this time.

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Eisblock GPX-N 2080 Ti / 2080 Waterblock

We also got to check out some of the first waterblocks for RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 GPU’s. These will be available with either a window or fully transparent.

Alphacool Eisblock GPX-N Waterblocks

New Radiators

Alphacool was also showing off radiators of all different sizes. Sales are strong in the server/workstation segment, so several radiators were developed for those form factors. Alphacool also expects that these could be used in SFF and mini-ITX systems. This continues to build on their theme of creating flexible, expandable solutions to cool your system. For context, the can of soda should help show the various sizes of radiators in the photo below.

Alphacool Radiators

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As our CES 2019 coverage rolls on, we visited Alphacool who showcased many marvels of German engineering in the water cooling space.

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