CES 2019: Enermax Shows Off 500w TDP AIO Cooler, New Saberay Case and more

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As the whirlwind tour of CES 2019 continues, we are visiting with Enermax. No stranger to cooling and cases, Enermax had plenty of new products on display. Highlights included AIO coolers capable of dissipating up to 500w, new fans and updates to the flagship Saberay case.

Cooling Products


Although these were announced a few weeks ago, perhaps the most impressive products were the LIQTECH II AIO coolers. This lineup of high-performance coolers are rated up to 500w TDP and sport pumps capable of pushing 450l/h, far superior to the competition according to Enermax. Also included is an addressable RGB system that can be controlled by motherboard software or via a control unit which has 10 preset effects.
The 240mm, 280mm and 360mm varieties in black will be available later this month at MSRP’s of $139, $149 and $159 respectively. Enermax has also created a special white edition of the 360mm, which will have a $10 premium, coming in at $169. This will be available at a later date. These are compatible with all current sockets except TR4.

LIQTECH II 360mm AIO Cooler

LIQTECH II 360mm AIO Special Edition Coole


For users looking for more of an entry-level AIO or are short on extra room in your case, Enermax has you covered with the AQUAFUSION lineup. These are available 180mm and 240mm varieties, for $80 and $110 respectively. AQUAFUSION can handle up to 300w TDP and offers full addressable RGB and use the new SquA RGB fans.

AQUAFUSION 240mm AIO Cooler with RGBs Off

SquA RGB Fans

The aforementioned AQUAFUSION AIO includes Enermax’s new SquA RGB fans. These have a unique square RGB strip, making for a different look than other fans. Get it? Square-RGB!
Enermax claims a whopping 40% stronger airflow than “other RGB fans” by using a proprietary “vortex frame design”. We are not sure what fans are being compared here, but these are already included in several Enermax coolers and cases. These will be available as a standalone purchase in February, so we won’t have to wait very long to find out true performance.
SquaA RGB Fans


Saberay Refreshes

Enermax showed off refreshes to their flagship Saberay case lineup with an ADV (advanced) edition and a white edition. In fact, many companies we visited were releasing white products.
The Saberay ADV has the same features as the original, but includes USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C support, a nifty quick-release side panel with handle and three SquA RGB fans installed. As a bonus, Enermax will throw in a matching monitor stand that supports up to 44 lbs. This added bonus will be included in the $199.99 MSRP and available only for a limited time after the case is released at the end of February.
As we mentioned, white builds are back in style! The Saberay White includes all the same features as the ADV edition and the matching monitor stand, minus the USB 3.1 support. This case already available: Saberay White on Newegg for $199.99.

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Other Cases

Moving to the more mainstream cases, Enermax was showing off the understated Makashi, which can handle up to a 360mm radiator and E-ATX motherboard and of course, also supports addressable RGB. Look for the Makashi in e-tailers at the end of the month for a low $80 MSRP.


Makashi Specs
Another option is the StarryFort SF30 case that can support up to 360mm radiator and comes with four fans. This should hit e-tailers at the end of the month for a $100 MSRP. The windowed panel that covers the power supply chamber is a mod and is not included with the case.

StarryFort SF30

StarryFort SF30 Front

Power Supplies

Enermax had two power supplies on display. First up, the fully modular Revolution D.F. that offers flat cables and an 80 PLUS Gold rating. This power supply has a D.F. (or dust free) switch, which will, after a brief pause, will run the fans in the opposite direction for several seconds to expel all of the dust. Revolution D.F. will come in 850w, 750w, and 650w varieties.

Revolution D.F. Power Supply

Dust Free Introduction
Last but certainly not least, the might MaxRevo. The unit pictured is 1800w, but that is likely for an overseas audience. In the U.S., a 1600w version will be available. This 80 PLUS Gold power supply features a “turbo” switch that immediately pushes the fan to maximum speed to help keep things running cool.
MaxRevo Power Supply

Want More CES?

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How does 500w compare to the cooling power of other 360 AIO units? I seldom see wattage ratings on AIO coolers. I would be surprised if there was much difference.

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Enermax has some very good AIO units, including some Threadripper units that are supposed to be the best out there, IIRC.

edit: And I want the white 360. A lot. LOL

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