CES 2020: Nvidia Demos New Gaming Tech

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The first stop on our CES 2020 tour this year was with Nvidia, they had tons of demos from laptops to really big-screen TVs. There were also a couple of hands-on demos that were surprisingly effective at demonstrating how a 360 Hz display really can improve reaction times in gaming.

We started with Minecraft (yes Minecraft) along with some other titles such as Quake 2, and Control. Here we get to see how Ray Tracing can add some depth and realism. The one that really caught my eye was the Control demo the reflection of the character in the glass was impressive but then I noticed the reflection of the fire extinguisher on the open door. Even in this photograph of the display screen, you can see the detail.

The next demo was also pretty cool displaying DLSS on and off but being able to switch settings seamlessly really makes even subtle changes stand out. The way Nvidia had it set up so that you could see the changes instantly. Not only did the game look better but we were seeing some impressive performance gains.

Moving on to displays they had a huge G-Sync compatible OLED TV from LG that made F1 2019 look beautiful. It is just one from a line of 12 G-sync compatible OLED TV ranging from 48″ to 88″. We also had a look at G-Sync compatible mini LED displays with 1152 dimming zones making washed out blacks a thing of the past.

My favorite part of the demo had to be the hands-on portion. I have been slightly skeptical of what benefits a 360 Hz display could have on E-Sports gaming performance. Well, I’m a believer. Nvidia had two different demos and both revolved around reaction times and latency when trying to hit a target. These were set up with a regular display and a 360 Hz display side by side. The 360 Hz display actually did give you an edge. Every one of us in there consistently scored better in both demos when using the new display.

For more details of what Nvidia and their partners are offering here’s a link to the official press release.

– Shawn Jennings (Johan45)

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