CES 2023: Nvidia Omniverse, DLSS 3, Ada-based Laptops and GeForce Now Technologies



For our first stop at CES 2023, we swung by to see our friends at Nvidia. As we walked into the first of three rooms, we were greeted by a slew of AIB cards on the table and several laptops, some of which sported 4000 series graphics inside. We saw pixels and frame counters showing off the new RTX 4070 Ti and DLSS 3, a glimpse into the collaborative Omniverse, and learned a lot about Geforce Now and the improvements they made with the technology.

RTX 4070 Ti/DLSS3/4000 Series Laptops


Regarding the RTX 4070 Ti, there’s not much to say except to read the front page for our review. While the $799+ price point isn’t where anyone wants to see graphics cards, we now get RTX 3090 Ti performance out of a 225W package. And if your title uses DLSS 3, frame rates improve even more. It’s all about the efficiency of Ada Lovelace, baby.

As announced a couple of days ago, you can now get laptops with the 4000 series/Ada Lovelace-based graphics. Performance versus last-gen laptops is much improved, with power efficiency carrying over into this space. Moreover, they managed to shoehorn a 4090 into a 14″ laptop. While power and performance certainly won’t match the desktop part, it’s still the most powerful gaming graphics card in a laptop thus far.

Nvidia Omniverse

In the next room, we watched the Omniverse in action through the Create app, among other tools and examples. To be honest, this isn’t a space I’m personally familiar with, but the collaborative capability of the Omniverse looks promising for this lamen, particularly with all of the connectors from other external applications.

Nvidia reps also showed off the AV1 encoder’s (found on 4000-series cards) prowess that can, among other things, livestream 4K/60 at 10 Mbps. For the broadcaster/streamer, this means higher-quality output without significant networking resources.

GeForce Now

In the last room, Nvidia talked about the advancements in GeForce now. The cloud-based gaming service has access to over 1500 titles and multiple tiers of performance you can sign up for, including the new Ultimate plan that offers RTX 4080-class performance. We saw mini PCs running 4K 120Hz/FPS natively and up to 240 Hz with Nvidia Reflex enabled.

As a special offer, those currently on the 3080 plan get a free upgrade to the 4080 plan when it’s available. Pricing for the fastest option starts at $19.99. For anyone with the internet to support it, but not the hardware to run games, this could be a viable option that delays buying a full-fledged desktop.

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