Cheapo Hard Drive Silencers

Like it says – Rick J

After adding a striped RAID array to my rig, I found the extra hard drive noise unbearable. The frequencies coming from the different hard drives were all different and kept changing.

I knew about retail hard drive enclosures, but they were too expensive for me.

Desperation made me think, and I found the perfect solution for my two striped drives. . . .

The Solution

Rick J




This cost me a grand total of $4 Canadian dollars.

I can still hear a little white noise but the high frequency whine is eliminated.

Heat? Well, I have spot checked my drives a few times and they are never more than warm to the touch.

Risk takers can wrap the drives in thin rubber or foam matting, then put them inside the plastic containers. You’ll get more sound deadening, but you’ll also get more trapped heat.

Rick J

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