Choice Words and More Thoughts

I’ve seen entries that are just not possible even with liquid nitrogen and I knew some turd was out there mentally masturbating over his cleverness. Some people will never get it!

I stopped looking in the database a year or so ago, because those nasty little turds with little intelligence and too much time on their hands had spoiled it far beyond usefulness.
It’s funny how the people that deserve computers have to work so hard to get them, and those that get them for nothing have little good to do with them.

To me it was wrong and not the OC way. A few years ago, I had a
1.1T-bird that I got up to 1620MHz use a Soyo KT266a Dragon and a Swiftech MC462.
It was never posted on the database, I’m guessing, cause of all the false
ones you were getting. I hated going to the data base seeing so many false
inputs, very rude comments and the langauge used. For awhile when ever
I was about to buy a CPU, I went to the data base to get a rough idea what I
might see out of it. I hope with what your doing now will put an end to this
and the database will become useful again.

It is always the same. It is human nature to have a small percentage of human garbage to make life difficult for the rest of us. It will never change. Perhaps posting a screen shot of your overclock could be used as a tool to allow your results to be posted.

All I can say is thank you. As a long time submitter (think the first
was a P120 to 133 o/c), I have witnessed the downhill slide of the CPU
Database for some time. I was sort of disapointed when the entries I
had submitted for the P120, 166, 200 and the 233 to 292 o/c (One of the
few) came up missing in action some time ago. They are no doubt lost and
gone forever.

Anyway, I glean a lot of useful info from the CPU DB, such as the
MB’s being used, ram types, that sort of thing. The avg. o/c numbers have
become skewed as people double and triple submit higher and higher
o/c’s for the same cpu. Would there be a way to limit people to one “Highest”
o/c per cpu so as to not skew the avg. speed results so much? Maybe
being able to edit your existing result for a given cpu instead of posting a
new result? (just a thought)

Again, I’d like to thank you and the CPU DB team for the update. I
basically learned all I know about overclocking from O/C’ Great
job all around!

I’m a “middle age” white male. I used to kick up my heals and raise some hell, but the absolute useless crap you so eloquently refer too is idiotic.

If people can’t respect property of other (and I include publicly access web sites), then at least have a little self-respect.

Take a look in the mirror….no, not the one on the wall, the one connected to your internal voice. If you can’t tell a group of people on the street what you’re randomly thinking without fear of being arrested or bludgeoned in public, then it’s time for some meaningful self-reflection and appropriate changes. On the same note, if you get slapped expressing your (male) inner thoughts, you’re probably not too far from normal.

I think Dirty Harry said it best:.

“There are three things that can happen to a pile of shit like you.
One, it
can be scooped up and thrown away with the rest of the trash. Two, it
can be
stepped on and squashed, or, three, it can dry up and blow away in the
So if I were you, I’d be careful of where the dog shit ya.”

The CPU database of old
provided me with some very useful information and guidelines on what to
expect from a specific CPU.

Sadly, as is the case with any such free internet based resource, it
open to abuse. It only takes one no-brainer to start a trend for many
sheep-like asshats to follow. This, in my 32 years experience, is prone
to happen with many things in life – it takes only a few to spoil it
the many – and, unfortunately, appropriate action is necessary to avoid
such asshats. It grieves me to see such things happen and makes me
wonder what drives these beings and their motives for such inane

Choice words: inane, mindless, lamebrained, unintelligent, time wasting
d*** heads (please forgive my use of bad language. I’m angry)

Here’s looking forward to an asshat free CPU Database once again! 🙂

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This was (and i do mean WAS) one of the things that first drew me to

Unfortunately, after I started to learn what was going on in the world of OCing, I soon realized a lot of this was BS.

Then when I started to see the 9/11 CRAP that some jerk put up in the AMD 64 FX section, i quit looking @ all.

I always hoped somebody would/could take control of this wonderful wealth of information.

Wish there could be some STABILITY tests you would have to pass to post results…saying you can post @ a speed is one thing but having it be stable is another…


The CPU database has been my “bible” for a very long time, probably six
or seven years. I just made a couple purchases through the OCForums
classifieds, and the database was invaluable to me. I wanted to know
what kind of OC I could expect from a chip, and my “bible” has always been
there. When it went down while you were cleaning out the morons that
defaced it, I was at a loss.

I too am nonplussed as to why a group of infantile morons would crap in
our pool, we don’t swim in their collective toilets. We don’t bug them, why
do they bug us? Is this supposed to make them “cool”, or “all that”? I
just don’t get it. What are these dorks lacking (aside from morals and

Obviously, they are losers, so they attempt to mess with things that
are beneficial to others, I guess they feel that if they screw with other
people, said “other people” will feel as bad as they do, and all will
be even and good in the world.

That’s not the fix, the fix is to straighten out their own petty
problems, and to stop taking it out on others. Personally, I think crapping on
the database is the same as hacking a website, they’ve disrupted/ended the
information the site was intended to share, and therefor have created a
DNS. Straight up, these people should face the same repercussions as
hackers. What’s the difference, both groups are defacing websites?

I’m very happy to see the database back up and running, I registered
for as soon as it was back up, under my OCForums name, Brundle Fly. Punks,
they pizz me right off.

Keep up the good work, I know I appreciate the homepage, and the
forums, I’d hate for a group of morons to make them go away. Registration is a
good thing, anyone that complains about it shouldn’t be allowed in. If you
have nothing to hide, and nothing but good intentions, there’s no reason to
be anonymous. And that’s a fact.

Trouble In Never-Never Land . . . ….

People, especially young people, vandalizing property, out of some sense of rebellion or just willful exertion, is hardly a new phenomenon.

The Internet adds a new dimension to the problem, though.

The chief value of the Internet is that it greatly facilitates actions that would just be too costly and/or time-consuming to do outside of such an environment.

This is just as true for bad behavior as it is for good behavior. Take spam, for just one example, P2Ping for another.

Another trait of the Internet which serves to lower the cost of bad behavior is practical anonymity. It is much easier to do something bad than to it is to track down the bad-doer.

A third trait of the Internet is that the environment it creates is not concrete the way that a building is. You don’t “go” to the Internet like you “go” to the store, so cyberspace is not “real” space.

Combine them all together, and you get a Never-Never Land, a playground where people feel they ought to be able to do whatever they want, to act out whatever they want to act out, without consequences, because it’s not really “real.”

Of course, this is a fallacy. The Internet is simply a phone party line gone wild. It’s not fantasy football; actions taken there have real reprecussions in the real world.

So when the RIAA or MPAA or STEAM or Microsoft or anybody else tries to bring the real world and the accountability that goes with it, well, it’s like the IRS handing Peter Pan a tax bill. It’s not just a lawsuit or deprivation; it threatens the whole fantasy world.

I suppose in one sense, it’s a steam valve, and in one sense, many forms of virtual misbehavior are less bad than than their “real” equivalents.

On the other hand, though, the easier you make something to do, the more likely many more people will do it. If the Internet died tomorrow, I really doubt the twenty million or more regular P2Pers would start regularly shoplifting from U.S. record or movie or software stores.

The danger is that many, many more people grow up believing that theft is perfectly OK so long as it’s not “real.” In a future world where the real world will get increasingly virtual, that’s not good.

That raises yet another question. An MP3 is a triumph of substance over form; it’s simply a pattern of information. That’s a fairly abstract notion. The copyright law in many ways is even more of an abstraction; it says that this pattern is just as real as a brick in someone’s house, and should be treated the same way.

When I read people carrying on about why they don’t see why they have to pay for such things, I find themselves hoping that they’re lying through their teeth, because it would be a lot scarier if they weren’t.

In other words, how much of this is self-serving rhetoric, how much is just immaturity, and how much of this is inherent intellectual inability? How much of this is “I don’t want to understand things like copyright” and how much is “I CAN’T comprehend abstractions copyright.”

I don’t doubt the vast majority of what we get falls in category one, but what about those who fall in category two?

If insanity is the inability to tell what is real from unreal, what happens to the definition when more of the real becomes “unreal,” and more people honestly, sincerely don’t measure up to the new standard?


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