Chuck’s Ducts

Well, I’ve finally taken some pictures of the inside of my PC. I have
included the pic’s so you can see the slot cooler is the same one anyone can buy off the shelf.


The “duct” cooling the back of the motherboard is made out of standard sheet aluminum bought at Ace Hardware, aimed 45 degrees up to the backside of the processor. (Duron 600 @ 979 MHz, 50watts 🙂

The other pic’s are of my video card cooler. A blank PCB bought at Radio
Shack ($4.00) with Antec fans mounted on it ($8.00). As you can see in this pic,

I added another heatsink to the top of the GeForce 2MX. It is
applied with Arctic Silver and Elmers Glue – yes, Elmers Glue, lol; it
makes it easier to remove if I need to.

As you can see, the 3rd Antec (they come in sets of 3) is mounted to my “greenie”.

Home made ramsinks


round out the combo for the video card. It is all mounted into the “top”
PCI slot, the one we’re NOT suppose to use with an AGP card. 🙂

Yes, somewhere in the pic’s is the PEP66 with the Black Label Delta 38cfm
(very loud); soon to be replaced with the CPU-Duct I have fabricated, as
seen below:

CPU Duct

I just got done playing my game online and my CPU is at 45*
C/111*F and my mobo is @ 32* C/ 89*F. Earlier it was at 118*F, middle
of game play. I have been working on trying to get it cooler, but the
PEP66 mod’d (Delta 38 A-top) doesn’t quite wanna’ do it. The 92mm I put
on it just didn’t do the trick either.

I did a little flow balancing: 80 cfm in / approx 78 cfm out, and that helps a lot. CPU temps only get approximately 4* degrees higher at maximum stress (1 hour game play). It isn’t just the heatsink and fan combo, it’s having the correct amount of air coming in AND going out of the case too.

Durons are a strange bird, but well worth the trip.

Chuck Zellers

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